Festive Beauty Collections you shouldn't miss out this Holiday Season

10 Dec 2016

Let me introduce you to the most beautiful, festive collections for this holiday season. Separating them from other chaff, I'm highly impressed with their performance, looks, quality and value for the money. Although I generally love glitters and bling bling every once in a while, I'm getting slightly agitated with identical glitter concept every holiday season. It's nice to see a fresh new air of sophisticated beauty editions that are actually usable all year around.

BeYu Be Vintage: mauve Fall Collection & Impressions

2 Dec 2016

beyu be vintage le

Welcome BeYu, a german drugstore brand under the same company's roof as Artdeco, Makeup Factory, ANNY and Misslyn. BeYu was sold in german-speaking countries, exclusively in Douglas shops. Thankfully, BeYu is slowly expanding into USA and Europe. Yes, I'm talking about Slovenia in particular. BeYu is sold in Drogerie Markts (DM) across Slovenia, while my American readers can get BeYu in CVS, Giant Eagle and Bartell Drugs. Another thing you need to know is, that the international makeup artist behind the brand is Tom Strohmetz, who also worked years for MAC Cosmetics. Now I'm sure he knows what he's doing...

My TOP 5 Brushes & Black Friday best Brush Deal

24 Nov 2016

top 5 sigma brushes

We are being bombed by offers for upcoming Black Friday. As an international customer, I'm always on a hunt for a good deal, especially if there's no shipping costs. The most outstanding Black Friday offer is definitely going to Sigma Beauty - who could resist 25% OFF + FREE worldwide shipping? I mean, c'mon, when I was buying Sigma brushes years ago, free shipping and discount were never together as one. Either you got discount or free shipping on Cyber monday. You're in luck if you're searching for new brushes. Let's get down to business! I'm more than obsessed with Sigma brushes and majority of my brush collection is out of 4 Sigma Brush Sets (some where bought, some were gifted) and individual brushes.

Passing or fancy? New Skincare & Haircare on Trial: Autumn 2016

21 Nov 2016

Skincare & Haircare Trial from January is still highly favourable post on my blog. And I can see why. It's easy to read, informative, loaded with different products and it's a quick fix when you're doubting about any new product on the market. Shall we dig into another pile of new haircare and skincare?

Bamboo Makeup Collection you need to see: Catrice Neo Natured

15 Nov 2016

catrice neo natured review

Overwhelming flood of limited editions is slightly making me numb. There's only a minority of products that's so good that I want to keep forever. Catrice and Essence are the perfect examples of continuously releasing new limited editions along with re-vamping their standard assortment almost seasonally. It's slightly hard to keep up and I'm sad skipping limited editions and sorting out old, discontinued items that can't serve my blog. As a blogger I tend to stay away from buying limited editions. But every now and then, a collection (or two) makes me super excited.
This time it's fall Catrice Neo Natured with stunning bamboo packaging.