Nude for Pale Skin: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Very Victoria

21 Jul 2016

Rose gold and your favourite Youtube makeup artist? Sounds like a match made in heaven but it's actually a genius idea of Charlotte Tilbury herself. Influential brand that captivates with mighty nudes, smokes and luxurious lust. A lipstick that actually costs an arm and a leg but it's totally worth that extra hassle with not-so-affordable shipping. Yes, I'm talking about Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick, pure indulgence for a lipstick junkie like me.

Before we investigate every inch of this lipstick, let us enjoy a moment or two looking only at this gorgeous packaging. Heavily weighted, perfectly carved and worthy of lust and greed, this is surely one of a kind. Even totally used up and looking like a nub by now, it still has it's charm. Matte Revolution line is indeed somewhere near satin-matte formula without dryness. One thing I've noticed when looking at C'Tilbury work, is that she loves to enhance women's attributes - sexy but still natural looking. This is exactly what Matte Revolution does. It has a comfortable formula that makes your lips full and luscious without raisin-looking lips. Perfect, A+ score! Another thing I want to mention is pigmentation. My chosen shade, Very Victoria, is not fully opaque. Which is actually a bonus in this case. Since I have fairly light and pink lips, lipstick transfers much more natural looking. I actually like that bit of translucency. No signs of unwanted orange tones. Scent is similar to Mac - light vanilla that doesn't bother. Lipstick feels like a velvety cushion, visible but feather light in texture.

Of course I had to pick out my perfect nude, it's Charlotte Tilbury for God's sake. After inspecting tons of swatches, I've rolled my dice with light nude called Very Victoria (after Victoria Beckham). I turned out to be exactly what I've wanted - noticeable nude with warm and cool undertones, looking slightly ashy under certain conditions. If you're pale as me, then you know the struggle with ''orangey'' nudes. Very Victoria is perfect, at least for me.


Now onto my favourite part. As much as I appreciate Charlotte Tilbury as a luxurious brand, I still had to dig out my similar shades for you. Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria is awfully similar to MAC Viva Glam II and Mac Modesty, my two favourite neutral nudes. Mac Viva Glam II is only slightly more ashy and cool toned, while Mac Modesty looks more creamy and rosy. Mac Blankety is two tones lighter and ashier than Very Victoria. I was also really surprised looking at Rimmel Moisture Renew 720 Notting Hill Nude, which looks way warmer on the first notice. But it's actually quite near Very Victoria, with overly glossy finish and orange tones. Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in 050 Mauve your Lips is only for European reference - way more mauve, ashy and cool toned than Very Victoria. Is there a perfect dupe? Not really, but Mac Viva Glam II or Mac Modesty is not a bad substitute.
Very Victoria Comparison & Dupes

I highly, highly, highly recommend Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. There's something about them, a magical charm or aura of modern sexy. It's definitely my most treasured piece of lipstick art and I'm already planning to splurge on must-have pieces from Charlotte Tilbury, who cares about that 10€ shipping! Note that everything comes luxuriously packaged like it's your birthday along with two lovely samples. Matte Revolution Lipstick retails at 30€. 

New Korean Skincare Technology with Nanodiamonds: Teradia TD Repair

2 Jul 2016

There's a new Korean technology on the market under the brand name Teradia. Teradia TD Repair series has been made with TD F.A.S.T. technology, a molecular design, for easy skin absorption of active ingredients. This technology is based on diamonds in molecular design to easily transfer active (plant) ingredients into the skin. Fast absorption, gradual targeting, effective absorption of high-concentrated ingredients and continuous hydration control is what TD F.A.S.T. technology promises. It shapes up firmness, even skintone and radiance with nano diamond formula, glutathione, calendula flower oil and grape seed extract. Sounds like an alienated product, right? Honestly, this is even a bit too much for me, so I'll try to easily explain my experience as I'm not a chemist to verify chemistry and technology of this unique product.

Let's start at the beginning. I'm testing Teradia TD Repair Emulsion Serum (63,73$ for 50ml, Jolse ) which is a unique product to Korean market. It's a 2 in 1 product of emulsion and serum with over trillion of nano diamonds. This means, you need only the tiniest amount because it's super effective due to small particles of diamonds. Camellia japonica seed oil, sorbitol, argania spinosa kernel oil, allantoin, calendula flower oil are great for moisture. Panthenol, glutathione, adenoosine and niacinamide will brighten complexion and add glow. Starting from knowing the ingredients, I've been using this emulsion serum for 2-3 weeks by now. I can't say I've noticed tremendous results but my skin is feeling rather nourished and glowy within this time. I love to layer it before my daily cream or sunscreen as it's lightweight and sinks into the skin like ''creamy water''. In this humid weather, it's enough to make your skin soft, plumped and untight, even if you have severely dry skin. Feeling on the skin is comfortable, non-sticky and soft. My freckles do look slightly less pronounced which is a big plus from me. Also, you get a lovely glow after each application, although I haven't spotted any reflecting particles. Texture of the emulsion serum is actually similar to Lancome Energie de Vie Liquid Care, only slightly more nourishing and luxurious. It's not a product that offers balmy and rich texture but rather a light layering prep before the real deal.

There's not a single thing I would resent toward this Teradia TD Repair Emulsion Serum. All claims and super nanodiamond technology did not impress me as much as texture and effect of the product. I don't care if it's made out of pure diamonds (but every girl likes a mini diamond or two) or a humble meadow flower, I'm only focused on the actual effect. My skin actually looks glowy, healthy, moisturised and even slightly brighter. It's hard to pass by a good brightening skincare and this emulsion serum is quite a sight to see. Still, I don't expect it to erase all my dark spots or freckles with time, I'm satisfied with minimal lightening and brightening. And if my skin is glowing, that's only another bonus. Actually, my experiences with Korean cosmetics are telling me that western brands have nothing on Korean technology and effectiveness. It's not everything about the profit but they actually deliver what they're promising. Teradia TD Repair is available on Jolse, Korean Cosmetics Online Shop. Jolse kindly sent this product for honest review and opinion because of newly launched line. The entire Teradia TD Repair series is currently sold out but Jolse re-stocks their products frequently.