Yankee Candle invites to Riviera

24 Aug 2016

Yankee Candle invites to Riviera with 4 summer scents that are not only appropriate for warmer months but they also finely complete autumn air. Who doesn't like spicy thyme and soothing olives or freshly ripe peaches all year round? Along with those two, sea salt with sage and Riviera escape will be the last remaining memories on our holidays. All four joined the Yankee Candle family for quite some time so don't miss trying them out.

Modern Mermaid: How to wear blue eyeshadow without looking outdated

18 Aug 2016

Frightening, dramatic, outdated and unwearable. These are the first four words that come to my mind when thinking about blue eyeshadow. I admit, it's dreadful even for me, even though I want to be super tough and fierceful when using makeup. Well, I'm not. And it's okay to be frighten of deep blue mascara, turquoise eyeliner or baby blue eyeshadow. It's hard to pull off but if you actually simplify the application, it might just look chic, modern and fresh. Forget about perfect blue smokey eyes or overly sculpted eyes, this time I'm going ''all in'' colour blocking with only one shade, blue-turquoise.

All NEW Makeup on my Vanity: Sephora Haul, Drugstore & more

13 Aug 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed I've been enjoying my time in Spain. There's no better way than Valencia to merge beaches, aquarium, city break, beautiful architecture and shopping in one. Spain is like a meet point of all makeup around the world - from highly concentrated Sephora on every corner, to UK and European drugstores, up to Korean variety of Tony Moly. Sticking to Sephora, I've been excited to finally pick additional Too Faced pieces. I could say it's one of my favourite brands but it's a pain in the ass buying it online or finding their counter in Europe. Also, Kat Von D is exclusively sold in Sephora so I won't even lose words on that. 

All NEW Makeup Factory Mat Lip Fluids & Lipglosses

27 Jul 2016

Brace yourselves! You'll probably fall in a lipstick/lipgloss coma after reading this lipstick junkie post. I'm still stoked and honoured to be a part of this massive swatch party of newly released Makeup Factory Gloss Expansion. If you live in Europe, you're probably familiar with this german brand, an extensive sister of Artdeco. Makeup Factory is exclusively sold in Mueller and it's quite comparable to other professional brands (khm Mac) in terms of quality, textures, innovations and price tag. Along with highly popular Mat Lip Fluids (aka the best liquid lipsticks on European market), there are newly released shades in High Shine Lip Gloss and Hydro Lip Smoothie range. All three lipgloss categories have different applicators and newly added scent. The most common thing is packaging and dermatologically approved formula for safe use of makeup ingredients. Now let's get this party started! 

Nude for Pale Skin: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Very Victoria

21 Jul 2016

Rose gold and your favourite Youtube makeup artist? Sounds like a match made in heaven but it's actually a genius idea of Charlotte Tilbury herself. Influential brand that captivates with mighty nudes, smokes and luxurious lust. A lipstick that actually costs an arm and a leg but it's totally worth that extra hassle with not-so-affordable shipping. Yes, I'm talking about Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick, pure indulgence for a lipstick junkie like me.