12 Jun 2017

All Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: 7 Best Matte NUDE Shades

Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet review

They're not only fancy looking, but they're a true drugstore blessing in matte lipstick department. I'm talking about the most obvious non-drying lipstick pick called Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. The formula is just fantastic and it's the biggest selling point from my perspective. But who could resist cute bottles full of pigment anyway? These are my bulletproof lip picks of all time...

30 May 2017

Artdeco Ombre Lipstick - 3 Ways and 1 Lipstick

artdeco ombre 3 lipstick

This product will blow your mind. I've seen it all - from bamboo lipsticks, unicorn lipsticks up to dual ombre lipsticks. But nothing could prepare me for new Artdeco Ombre 3 Lipstick...