20 Apr 2017

Is there such thing as an Ideal Skin?

new Vichy Idealia Review

Probably not, but it's what society and beauty brands want us to believe. We all have flaws and imperfections no matter how much we want to conceal or get rid of them. It's inevitable. We're only humans with pores and random pigmentation that allows our skin to ''breath'' and protect itself. It's not a coincidence that I'm addressing two main ''skin issues'' of modern society: enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. It's something we shouldn't have yet most of us have at least one. But don't get yourself down by my words, I still believe you can slightly minimize imperfections on all areas.

10 Apr 2017

Ultimate Spring Beauty Picks that never fail to Impress

spring beauty picks that never fail

It's time to bring out those vivid lipsticks we've all been saving up for Spring time. In fact, I have several different beauty items that tend to crawl on the surface of my makeup pile, when the air gets warmer.

5 Apr 2017

Mission Perfection Eyes? New Clarins multi-tasking Corrector for Dark Circles

clarins mission perfection eyes yeux in action test

Yup, they've picked the right girl for the right product. It's the first thing that went through my mind when I opened my Clarins goodie bag. It's like faith, me and my new Clarins Mission Perfection Yeux. I suffer from terrible under-eye circles with blue shadows, which are even more visible with a line of freckles on my cheeks. In my mid-20's and with dry skin, I sure get dehydrated skin around eyes. Which is not ideal, especially in the age of ''growing my first, expression wrinkles''. Quite frankly, I get dry unpleasant feeling really often so I need to care for my eye area religiously - every day.

31 Mar 2017

Best of Essence Cosmetics: 15th Pinky Anniversary

happy birthday Essence 15 years

Happy, pink and playful - it's all that Essence have been for 15 years! Crazy, right? Time flies so fast and I can still remember the day I bought my first Essence lipstick. And mascara. And eyeliner. Basically, I had it all in my teenage years. And I still use my holy grail Essence items to this day. Not to mention regular updates - I can never pass their shelves without trying at least one new thing. So yeah Essence, I wish you a wonderful, pinky celebration and even more to come. A pinky lipstick a day, keep the bad mood away!