17 Feb 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick: the only Nude you'll need

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk lipstick review

We thought this day will never come, which makes the release of Pillow Talk lipstick that more intriguing. The second I've heard about the release on Charlotte Tilbury website, I immediately ordered myself another Pilow Talk product as the iconic Lip Cheat Pillow Talk is already in my collection. Actually, I should be posting the review of Lip Cheat beforehand, but the Pillow Talk lipstick has currently the exclusive status, so you shouldn't count on it for permanent stay. Fingers crossed it will become permanent as it's the most beautiful, flattering nude I've ever seen...

13 Feb 2017

Fresh, Everyday Look with new Rimmel makeup: Fresher Skin foundation, Kate Sculpting Palette

Rimmel has been always competitive with their foundations and lipsticks ever since I've entered the world of UK makeup. And that was far before Rimmel even decided branching through Europe so intensely. Rimmel has both - great, firm launches while some leave me cold-hearted and uninspired. However, I still believe they're best in making mascaras, foundations and lipsticks. I'm really happy to see newer launches such as Fresher Skin foundation, Kate Sculpting Palette and The Only 1 Matte lipstick in my makeup drawers - you should definitely at least quickly scroll down to check swatches, colors and quick but naturally glowy makeup look with only Rimmel products.

1 Feb 2017

Vichy Mineral Masks review: Quenching, Pore Purifying, Double Glow Peel Mask

Multi-masking somehow revived face masks back from the ashes. A while ago, multi-masking was taking over all the buzz in the beauty community as customized face care seemed like a genius idea. We're living in a society, where one mask is not enough anymore and every skin has different types of area to treat. Vichy is definitely not late to the party, rather I was actually observing the whole face mask craze from behind. Multi-masking with Vichy Mineral Masks or not, I still feel they deserve a little bit of spotlight.

29 Jan 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Secret Salma - Review, Test & Comparison

charlotte tilbury secret salma lipstick

One was enough. And now look at me, not even glitching when speed ordering new Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick. Let's move Pillow Talk at the side for a moment (I promise I'm making the review as fast as I can) and embrace Hot Lips range in the meantime. I would be awfully lying if I said this wasn't on the top of my Christmas wishlist, not even reconsidering more useful things to wish for. It's just that perfect mauve pink with warm tones I wished for and it's inspired by Salma Hayek. Entire Hot Lips range is in fact, composed out of celebrity lip shades. I'm nowhere near Salma's complexion but the Secret Salma still fits my desire and complexion.