25 Jan 2011

CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua & Le blanc Base

Recently I bought myself a new foundation. My decision came to me, as I couldn't find appropriate color in the drugstore (I'm too pale). I was also looking for a foundation, which makes a dewy, glowy finish and a medium coverage, so I went for something more pricey. Seller recommended me Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, which came out in November 2011. I also bought Chanel Le Blanc Base for mixing it with my foundation or use it as a base.
left: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua   right: Chanel Le blanc

 I find it really sheer and it's meant for skin, which doesn't have flaws and spots. It gives a natural glow and the consistency is very light because of watery consistency (shake before every use). It feels like silk on the skin, seriously. The price is about 37€, which I find really expensive. The bottle seems quite cheap (plastic) and it does have an okay applicator. This foundation is nothing special, I just like the feeling of it on my skin.  I do recommend it to those, who already have beautiful skin and don't need a lot of coverage. I do tend to prefer a medium coverage because of my freckles. Still in search for a perfect foundation.
Rating :  4 out of 5

Chanel Le Blanc is a base, meant to be : 
- a base before makeup
- to highlight parts of the face after your foundation
- to mix it with foundation and lighten it up 

This product is my new favorite.  I mix it with my foundation and instantly it gets lighter. My skin feels softer and looks glowy, fresh. Flaws are less noticeable. Packaging is luxurious - made from glass and looks really pretty on a shelf. It contains 30 ml  for the price of 35€. You also get a ''stick'' for easy application and mixing. Really nice and versatile product but still not worth the price tag.
Rating: 5 out of 5    


  1. Tali (the gloss goss) pravi, da je tale aqua podlaga zanic (kot voda, in ona ima cudovito kozo).
    Bleh :< Mene na zalost niso nikoli prepricale te high end zadeve, ker velikokrat na racun imena trpi kvaliteta.

    Poskusi z mineralnimi licili ;)

  2. I've heard a lot about the new foundation by Chanel.. not sure I'll be trying it myself tho, seems way too sheer and I'm not really a fan of tinted moisturisers.. Love ur blog btw, following u back now :)) xx


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