27 Apr 2011

1 TIP for quickly dried nail polish

My sister shared with me 1 great tip considering nail polishes and I thought I would share it with you.
The tip gave us an expert for polishes for some saloon. I didn't know for this trick so I was really impressed when I tried it out. It really does dry your nail polish more quickly than usual.

When you're in a hurry it's quite difficult to dry your recently applied polish. So the trick is:
 After you applied nail polish, go to the sink and dip your nails in COLD WATER. NOT in the water directly from pipe (running water) but in a sink ful of water. Than leave your hands or finger tips in it for about a minute (or how long do you want). The longer you leave it in, the drier will the nail polish be.

I also noticed that the cold water corrected some of the mistakes I made when I was applying nail polish.
I also tested it in the shower. After I dipped my nails in a cold water I went in a shower and used hot-mild water ( I didn't go directly but after 5 minutes). The nail polish didn't ruined like always ( I never find the right timing to wait after I paint my nails) and stayed the same. I can't guarantee it but it works for me! 

So…when you don't have time… you know what to do ;)


  1. I've tried this numerous times before. I can verify that it DOES work. Great post! :)

  2. wow ive actually noticed this before just never thought about it lol - thanx for the tip!

  3. I tried the running water befoe and think it was ok, but now I have to try the bassin of water! Thank you for the tip!

  4. I'm trying this today! :)


  5. oh my i'm going to have to try this out! i always end up smudging my nails because i'm too impatient waiting for them to dry! x

  6. I nominated you for the 'Kreativ Blogger Award', check it out here: http://nuusheftwblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/kreativ-blogger-award.html


  7. Great tip that always saves me loads of time!

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