5 Jun 2011

Z-palette : worth the hype? + my current MAC eyeshadows

Yap, I'm back with another review. This time I won't talk about skincare or makeup product but about...well,it's kind of a makeup product..an eyeshadow storage alternative. It's a palette called Z-palette and really known in the makeup world.

 Well, I choose the Large one with the zebra print and it costed me about 22€/32$/19GBP including shipping. You can get them from their official site but the cheapest way for Europeans is LOVE MAKE UP.

I was a bit skeptic about it at first when I heared it's from paperboard, but it's actually quite SOLID. Feels more like a plastic than a paperboard. The ''plastic window'' over it is really solid too, feels more like glass. I was really impressed by it when I took it in my hands :) I'm really loving it right now and I can't get my eyes off of it.

- Really sturdy, solid palette
- The magnet is really strong
- Okay for travel, but I wouldn't risk it
- You can depot any eyeshadow you want and be creative at filling it up
- Cute animal prints (including cheetah)

- I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk it and take it on a travel
-  It's quite SHALLOW and not all eyeshadows will fit into it ( I had to depot my Artdeco eyeshadow although it already had a magnet)

shallow, only MAC sized eyeshadows will fit!
RATING: 4 out of 5

Onto my MAC eyeshadows. I recently expand my MAC eyeshadows as you could see from my hauls or reviews. It's nothing much and I'm quite a beginner, obviously. I limited myself to 15 MAC eyeshadows and now I'm at 9 of them. I guess I'll stop for a while :)
I was planning to buy MAC palette but after a few months I decided for a Z-palette. After all..I can combine Artdeco and MAC eyeshadows in it so no one will be left out.
1.ROW: Nylon, All that glitters, Shale, Gosh eyeshadow on the right corner
2. ROW: Gleam, Artdeco 12, Trax
3. ROW: Expensive pink, Satin taupe, Blackberry
4. ROW: Mythology

I mostly bought depotted ones but I tried to depot my 2 new MAC ones and those Artdeco and Gosh ones. I really like depotting actually :) And I was soo proud when I saw the final result :

Anyways, that was my sharing post :) Which are your fav MAC eyeshadows? Any recommendations for neutral eyeshadows?


  1. Ne vem, mene pa te paletke ne prepricajo, so mi pravzaprav grde..

  2. Hey there! T just wanted to let you know that I just gave you a Stylish blogger award =) you can find out more here: http://makeupbythess.blogspot.com/2011/06/stylish-blogger-awards.html


  3. Tamara: vsak ima svoj okus :) meni osebno so luškane.

    Makeupbytess: how sweet:* thank you

  4. I love my Z palette.. got a small one as I don't have that many eyeshadows.. But it's so convenient!

  5. Če boš potrebovala paletke za svoje MAC senčke, ti jih lahko ugodno prodam, imam še 3...

    Takole izgledajo: http://svet-kozmetike.blogspot.com/2011/03/pressing-eyeshadows-again.html

    Sporoči, če te zanima. :)

  6. Delyteful speaks: Yap..I love mine too :) Gives a bit more personality to my eyeshadows^^

    Maja: hvala za ponudbo.zaenkrat ne rabim še novih palet..ko pa bom ti bom pa ''zagnjavla'' za kakšno (če še boš imela);)

  7. Thanks for the review.:D

    Try Patina by M.A.C.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. i would probably be too scared to bring it with me when i travel too, but nevertheless, they look great! :D

    p.s. come join my $100 Shopbop giveaway! :)

    <3, Mimi

  9. Marie: thanks for the recomendations :)


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