20 Jul 2011

My summer picks: Lipsticks

I love to wear lipsticks all year around and summer is no exception. 

My picks: 
-  NYX Round lipstick: Femme
- NYX Round lipstick: Rea 
- MAC lipstick: Cut a caper (or NYX Orange soda)
- Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick: Airy Fairy
- Isadora Jelly kiss: Coral Punch
- Lush Lip tint: Snow fairy

All of them are chosen for different looks I'm wearing through the summer. The most reached for is absolutely Isadora-Coral punch, which I mention constantly on my blog. Gives a nice kick to the look and is perfect for those who are afraid of opaque bold bright lipsticks. The color talks for itself but the formula is outstanding (feels more like a lipbalm and a water based gloss). I can already imagine myself with a cocktail on the beach and having this one on my lips.

NYX- Rea is mostly used when I feel like doing a nude-bronzed look without any funky color. The lipstick itself is a bit too dark for my pale complexion but I like the effect of ''neutral but bold''. Can be used with any clothes and compliments my freckles. Can be suitable for darker skin tones as a nude lipstick.

I was quite surprised by the smoothness of NYX lipsticks. They go on easily and are a bit scary with their pigmentation, especially NYX- Femme. It's known as a dupe for 2 MAC lipsticks from Venomous villans and Surf baby collection (Hibiscus lipstick). I do like the Nyx formula but it's a bit too slippery for me. I don't know..I find it a bit hard to work with their bold colors like this one and they wear off easily. Although, the color is just too pretty to resist having this on my lips with my red pair of slippers. 

Unfortunately I have to mention my limited edition MAC-Cut a caper (similar to MAC Ravishing). It's my perfect peachy shade and I will cry when it will be gone. 

Rimmel- Airy fairy smells good! I want to eat it all up. Smells like vanilla, toffee and tropical fruits at the same time. It's a perfect mauve pink with golden sparkles so it's really wearable through the day. It kind of reminds me of MAC Angel but Airy fairy is a bit more purple-toned and has golden sparkles. 

Lush Lip tint- Snow fairy is also not available anymore but we can expect it in December to come out once more. I already made a review on this one. Basically it smells like candy, it's easy to apply and gives a hint of fresh pink color.

L to R: Rea, Femme, Cut a caper, Airy Fairy, Coral punch, Snow fairy

the same order as above

And what's your fav one for the summer? Any recommendations?


  1. I love cut a caper, but my fav for summer is definitely show orchid by Mac <3

  2. I love 'em all :) especially cut a caper.

  3. I really want to try Snow Fairy - I can't wait for Christmas to roll around because of it!

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  4. Femme looks awesome! I need to get that one!

  5. Airy Fairy is a good everyday shade.:D

    Thanks for the swatches!:D

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