24 Sept 2011

Bourjois: Healthy mix vs. 10h Sleep effect foundation

I generally love all Bourjois foundations. They are one of the best brands with foundation variety. I always use  lightest shades, in this case Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 and 10h Sleep Effect in 71.
They both promise radiance and skin boosting so I was pretty curious about their performance.

They both look sleek but the Healthy mix serum is a bit more attractive looking. It's in a glass bottle and 10h sleep effect is in a plastic container. However, 10h Sleep effect foundation is much more convenient when it comes to usage and travelling. Healthy mix serum is really impractical to get all the foundation out of the container.
1+ to 10h Sleep effect (but I would choose the original Healthy mix over the 10h Sleep effect)

Mostly the same, but the Healthy mix serum has fruit extracts and the 10h Sleep effect has Vitamin derivatives(E,F,B5) and mineral-enriched formula. All other ingredients are pretty much the same.
1+ to Healthy mix serum (love fruity scents)

They both preform really well with fingertips and all kinds of brushes. However, the 10h Sleep effect is slightly more liquidy and preforms better with the brush.
1+ to Healthy mix serum

10h Sleep effect foundation is a bit more liquidy-watery than Healthy mix serum. As for the color, 10h Sleep effect is slightly more lighter with more pink undertones and Healthy mix is a bit more yellow-toned. For my pale skin (NC15) is 10h Sleep effect a better option. 
1+ to 10h Sleep effect foundation

L to R: 10H Sleep effect 71 , Healthy mix serum 51
Healthy mix serum is on sheer-medium side as well as 10h Sleep effect. I do like them both but Healthy mix provides a bit more coverage in comparison to 10h Sleep effect.
1+ to Healthy mix serum (I would choose Healthy mix serum considering coverage) 

10h Sleep effect foundation: quite strong dewy finish (as you can see above on the pic)
Healthy mix serum: semi-matte finish 
1+ to 10h Sleep effect foundation (I love dewy finish)

10h Sleep effect: a pleasant floral scent
Healthy mix serum: fruit scent
The smell goes away after application.
1+ to Healthy mix serum (I'm a fan of fruity scents)

I like the 10h Sleep effect foundation but I just love and adore Healthy mix (both: serum and foundation). 10h Sleep effect foundation would be perfect for summer as it is lightweight and sheer, but I wouldn't recommend it to oily skintypes. Healthy mix foundation & serum are good for all types of skin and have a medium coverage which is always helpful to cover up small imperfections. Bourjois foundations are affordable and good quality so you can't miss if you pick one up a Bourjois foundation.


  1. I love the Healthy Mix foundation! The shade 51 is a little bit too dark for me though :(

  2. I have the same problem in the winter :( But I mix it with the white one and I guess it's okay too.

  3. Healthy Mix je na moji WL, moram nujno po njega :D

  4. great reviews hun, they both sound good, I haven't tried Bourjois foundations before for some reason, thanks for sharing xxx

  5. Oh wow! It was like this review was custom made for me :) Thank you so much. I have been debating which one to get for a week now.

  6. @Pandora's box: I had the same problem :) And I don't regret buying both of them.


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