5 Sept 2011

Catrice Cosmetics Haul + Swatches

I FINALLY got my hands on the Catrice stand. Catrice finally got launched in Slovenia and it's been available for years in Germany and Austria. Unfortunately it was quite robbed so I couldn't get more stuff from my wishlist in my head - I've been dying to try out the concealer palette and some other shades of nail polishes.
So let's go onto my treasure hunt goodies!

I got myself 4 mono eyeshadows which have impressive pigmentation. I got 2 matte color, 1 shimmer and 1 chrome shadow. The pigmentation is great, texture is nice but the only downfall is that they crumble a bit when you're applying them. The packaging is amazing and I guess they can be depotted. The price is 3,4€ for each.

L to R: My first Copperware party, Swimming with dolphins, Go Charlie Brown, Grey's philosophy

The next thing that caught my eye were their lipsticks. I must admit, I didn't expect so many different colors and finishes. As always I went for the bold ones. I got the dark-berry-violet-red (160- Tell me a Berry-tale) which looks amazing. It looks even a bit gothic which isn't a bad thing. The formula is quite creamy and can be compared to Manhattan or even Revlon. The staying power is about 4 hours although it leaves a stain on the lips afterwards. The packaging is heavy and good looking. Price for the lipstick is 5,4€.

Tell me a Berry-tale lipstick
Last but not least...it's a black based nail polish with purple and green sparkle- 440 I wear my sunglasses at night. It instantly caught my eye. Price is 2,4€. Isn't it a BEAUTY?
It looks promising in the bottle but it's more subtle on the nails. Looks gorgeous on the sun but in the shade it looks like a normal black.

on the sunlight 2

L to R: Grey's philosophy, Swimming with dolphins, Go Charlie Brown, My first copperware party, 1 coat of Tell me a berry-tale, 3 coats of Tell me a berry-tale

Have you tried Catrice yet? Which product is your favorite?


  1. I've tried a few Catrice nail polishes and I really love them so far! Would love to get more colours & try out some shadows, pigment looks really good :)
    Jess x

  2. Nail polish swatch, please! :)) Jaz tudi komaj čakam, da pridem do Catrice sotjala! *.*

  3. Woww lovely products!!! the lipstick looks fab <3

  4. Meni še ni uspelo priti do Catrice stojala. Rada bi preizkusila kako njihovo šminko. Ta lak me na mnogih swatchih ni prepričal, ampak v steklenički izgleda prekrasno. Mogoče ga bom pa na koncu le vzela.

  5. :O That nail polish is a beaut! xx

  6. Super nakup, lak je pa itak perfect! Jaz ga dosti nosim <3

  7. I'd love the see a swatch of the nail polish. It looks beautiful in the bottle!

  8. I added swatch of the nail polish on this post. And I'm not the most reliable person to do nail polish swatches, my nails are horrible these days :)

  9. the eyeshadow colors look so pretty!

  10. Wow - tell me a berry tale is gorgeous!!!! :)



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