19 Oct 2011

About freckles: Eucerin Anti-pigment creme

Sometimes I fell such a jerk, when it comes to my freckles. I really wish I wouldn't have them and I'm always on a search for products that may help me with this issue. A lot of people say comments like: ''Oh my gosh, your freckles are so cute'' or '' I wish I had some freckles on my face''. Believe me people, there's no fun having them. I'd rather have a bunch of acne on my face than freckles. At least it's treatable in some way.
As I said, I tend to make my freckles less noticeable so I came over the Eucerin Anti-pigment creme which promises to banish pigmentation on the face in 4-8 weeks.

As we all know, pigmentation is caused by too much melanin on certain area. That includes freckles, age spots and other pigmented marks. Eucerin Anti pigment creme helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation with DIOIC ACID but doesn't completely remove them. Dioic acid reduces the amount of pigment and slows down melanin synthesis. That means that it inhibits skin melanin to make more pigmentation and it evens out the complexion (skin tone).
With SPF 30 + UVA also protects from the sun on the daily basis. It's also really hydrating and a good make-up base.
It claims this creme is perfect for women with pigmentation and those over 40-50 with age spots.

Price is quite high for a moisturizer with 50ml - 26€ in the pharmacy. There's not a lot of pigmentation reducing creme that really work so I understand price point. Bottle is also porcelain with a good functioning pump so that's a part of the price too.

Where to start...
As a moisturizer: My skin is feeling really soft afterwards and it's literally glowing. Looks really hydrated, but I combine it with a hydrating serum. The consistency is quite liquidy so it's perfect to mix it with serums.

As a make-up base: A great make-up base. As I said, skin looks hydrated (almost at the border of oily, but that's good for my dry skin) and the foundation applies and spreads out easily.

As an anti-pigment treatment: I did notice a difference after 2 weeks. My freckles became much more lighter and less noticeable as stated on the bottle. People also asked me if I wear a foundation (when I didn't) which is quite a good result. The only downfall: Freckles become the same when you stop using the moisturizer and you're on a sun light for a long time (in the summer). So I don't bother to use Eucerin Anti-pigment in the summer, cuz' it's almost pointless. I use it only in the winter, fall and maybe spring.
I don't think this product can impact on your actual tanning ability but it can make your entire face skin a bit more lighter (I didn't notice though).

It's a good product. I like the fact that it has an SPF+ UVA protection, it's lightweight, hydrating and a perfect make-up base. The dioic acid and anti-pigment function is just a really great bonus for my skin. Eucerin has never let me down, including this product.

Rating: 3,5 out of 5 (I'd like to see better and permanent results on my freckles)

Hope it helps,