8 Dec 2011

Catrice lipsticks - should you get them or not?

Europe has a small amount of lipstick choices (not including UK) especially in the drugstore ranges. We all know L'oreal, Bourjois, Max factor lipsticks, but they are still really pricey for what they are. You can't find a decent lipstick under 10-8€. However, Catrice cosmetics changed all. They brought a really nice lipstick color range into drugstores and with a decent price (about 4€). I've been testing out 4 lipsticks from their range. They definitely won't be my last ones.

L to R: Be natural, Frozen rose, Pinker-bell, Tell me a Berry-tale
A nice, various collection of lipsticks. Colors: from deep burgundy (even black) to nude ones, including some fire orange shades and peachy shades. I would still love to have a bit more neutral shades.

TEXTURE: 3,5/ 5
They are great lipsticks, not too drying but not fully moisturizing. I guess I can say...somewhere in between. However they  are slightly bit less moisturizing as I would have wanted. The other problem that they have: dark shades are a bit  too slippery for my taste. You should use a lipliner everytime, unless you want to have a mess all over your mouth.

They are not the most long lasting lipsticks, but which lipstick is? I wish the bolder colors would sit on my lips a bit longer cuz' they are a bit difficult to apply every time (especially when you're out). They don't left a heavy stain afterwards, but maybe a slight one.

ALL IN ALL:  3,5/ 5
I'm really impressed by their packaging and also color range. They do know very well, that our drugstores need some more color not just shimmery and neutral ones. I absolutely don't regret buying them cuz' all in all...they are great lipsticks for the price. Can't be comparable to MAC or Isadora, but they are decent. I would highly recommend checking them out!

SWATCHES (without any lip liner)
L to R: Be natural, Frozen rose, Pinker-bell, Tell me a Berry-tale
010 Be Natural lipstick
A decent nude lipstick with a hint of peach. It's not the most perfect nude color for pale girls but it's managable to wear.

130 Catrice Frozen rose lipstick
A milky baby pink lipstick which is a bit on the cooler side. Looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I highly suggest giving this one a go.

140 Pinker-bell lipstick
Hot fuschia pink with a hint of blue reflect. This one just screams BRIGHT!

160 Tell me a Berry-tale lipstick
The picture isn't picking it up right. In person it's a deep berry red with purple undertones. Can be a bit scary but it can be also nice as a stain.

L to R: 010, 130, 140, 160

Hope you like the swatches and check them out if you can!