18 Jan 2012

Lipstick collection 2012 + Lipstick Tag

I finally took some time to photograph my entire lipstick collection and put some extra time to make this post interesting as possible.Lipsticks are my new obsession and I'm always on a hunt for new shades. If I had to choose between lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes...I may decide for lipsticks afterall. I don't keep the ones that I don't use and I rather give them to my friends. So each lipstick in my collection deserves my attention.
So here is my army!

MUA shade 1, Manhattan 45G, NYX Femme, Nars Niagara

same order as above

Collection 2000 Cream Puff-Fairy cake, Barry M 147, MAC Ever Hip, YSL Rouge Volupte 30, MAC Cut a caper, 17 Beehive

same order as above
Alverde 30, Gosh Darling, Catrice 010, NYX Rea, (under) Urban Decay Naked

same order as above
Sleek Pout polish Frosting, MAC Viva glam gaga, Catrice Frozen rose, Wet n wild  Think pink

same order as above

MAC Angel, MAC Bombshell, Rimmel Airy fairy, ELF Nicely nude, Covergirl Darling

same order as above

Sleek Pout polish Pink cadillac, B Bobo, Isadora Jelly kiss Coral punch, Rimmel Color show off Pink Gossip, Wet n wild 511B, Covergirl Spellbound, Wet n wild Smokin' hot pink

same order as above
In front: Revlon Colorstay Overtime Eternal Petal &Max factor Lip tint 02; Revlon Mauve it over, NYX Tea rose, Wet n wild Mauve outta here, Barry M 73, Catrice Tell me a Berry-tale

same order as above

How many lipsticks do you have?
I thought I have around 30 lipsticks....but ooops...I have 38 of them.

When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
Yes I did. Especially on birthday parties for fun.

How old were you when you bought your first lipstick and what was it?
I got my first real lipstick from my aunt and I felt so happy! It was the Maybelline Watershine lipstick in 103. I was 14 years old.

What is your newest lipstick?
It's Nars Niagara lipstick which I got for Christmas from my boyfriend's family.

The most expensive lipstick I have ever bought?
I think it's Mac lipstick. They are really expensive here and you can't get them under 18€/15GBP/23$.

And the cheapest one?
The cheapest one is from NYX.

What's the most bizzare thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
Turned a male friend into a girl with all sorts of lipstick through his face. 

If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand and why?
Isadora Jelly Kiss lipsticks! Their texture is just perfect for my taste and they are really moisturizing. Although Mac lipsticks aren't bad either.

Pink or red lipstick?
Pink! Although I do wear red on special occasions.

Favorite pink?
Isadora Jelly Kiss in Coral punch. A lovely mixture between coral and pink.

Favorite nude?
It's Urban Decay Naked lipstick. It doesn't wash me out and it's almost identical color (my lips but better) to my natural lip color.

Favorite unusual shade?
Rimmel Pink gossip. Such a unique, bright color with an almost matte finish and golden sparkles.

Favorite dark shade?
MUA in shade 1. Amazing deep red with a hint of berry and it's also more wearable than the usual red.

Your biggest lipstick lemming?
Currently.... Revlon Lip butters  and Revlon Pink pout.

What are your favorite lipsticks?
I tag all of you who want to do this tag!