8 Feb 2012

Essence Crystalliced LE - my opinion

I wasn't planning to pick up any of the products but as always...I came across full stand of Crystalliced edition. Of course I start grabbing almost everything but after a second thought I left out some of the products.
 I liked the whole taupe,champagne, rose and blue concept, but the products just don't work as I expected. The cream eyeshadow is total rubbish, the nail polishes I have are far too sheer to apply only 1-2 coats (except the taupe one works with 2 coats) and the glitter jars are the only highlight for me.

The cream eyeshadow in It's a snow-woman's world looks amazing in the tube- taupe shade with golden sparkles. It's okay for a second base but what's the purpose if it doesn't provide any color?! I mean...total waste of money.

The two nailpolishes are looking lovely. I don't like the shimmers but that's just my preference. The Frosted champaign 05 is too sheer for my taste (you need 3 coats to achieve full coverage and non-striked nails) but I kind of like the shade of 03 It's a snow-woman's world.

The glitter jar in Frosted Champaign looks wonderful as any other glitter. It's looking yellowish in the jar but once you applied it...it's a normal silver-white color. I did need one glitter jar for more festive looks so I'm okay with it.

I would totally skip this collection unless you're looking for glitters or taupe nail polishes.