8 Feb 2012

Essence Crystalliced LE - my opinion

I wasn't planning to pick up any of the products but as always...I came across full stand of Crystalliced edition. Of course I start grabbing almost everything but after a second thought I left out some of the products.
 I liked the whole taupe,champagne, rose and blue concept, but the products just don't work as I expected. The cream eyeshadow is total rubbish, the nail polishes I have are far too sheer to apply only 1-2 coats (except the taupe one works with 2 coats) and the glitter jars are the only highlight for me.

The cream eyeshadow in It's a snow-woman's world looks amazing in the tube- taupe shade with golden sparkles. It's okay for a second base but what's the purpose if it doesn't provide any color?! I mean...total waste of money.

The two nailpolishes are looking lovely. I don't like the shimmers but that's just my preference. The Frosted champaign 05 is too sheer for my taste (you need 3 coats to achieve full coverage and non-striked nails) but I kind of like the shade of 03 It's a snow-woman's world.

The glitter jar in Frosted Champaign looks wonderful as any other glitter. It's looking yellowish in the jar but once you applied it...it's a normal silver-white color. I did need one glitter jar for more festive looks so I'm okay with it.

I would totally skip this collection unless you're looking for glitters or taupe nail polishes.


  1. Jaz sem že pri promo fotkah vedela, da bom prsekočila ;)

  2. I haven't tried anything from Essence yet, though I'm guessing it's the same deal with Elf- some products are great while some others fall short of pigmentation. This collection doesn't fit with my style, I loved their previous Vampire-themed collection with that gorgeous lip stain and some beautiful nail polishes, but as soon as I went to the store to get them, they were out of sight! Boo...

  3. @moonchild: tudi jaz sem mislila da bom preskočila ampak me velikokrat zavede celotna polica :/
    @cbsg5861: i'm sorry hearing that. we still have vampire collection here and there...seems like no one likes it here :D

  4. Thanks for info, I havent tried any Essence yet, maybe in future but will be skipping this collection xxx


  5. Tudi jaz sem si kupila tale siv odtenek in je čudovit, iščem še Ice Age Reloaded, drugo me pa ni pritegnilo

  6. Tole je pa res ena izmed redkih kolekcij, ki jih niti povohala nisem =).
    Upam, da ti bodo izdelki vseeno koristili =)

  7. Thanks for a great review! These products look great, but if they are not very effective then not really worth it...I love your posts about how to ge blonder hair too and am now following :) xxx


  8. Love your blog:)
    Following you:)
    It would be so nice, if you follow me back:)

  9. The grey nail polish looks lovely, it's such a shame that the products aren't up to standard! xx


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