29 Feb 2012

Turning into Powerpuff girls & hair update

Long time no see right? Well I'm still in a phase of buying camera because my previous one died for good. I hope I'll post some new things around the middle of the march with lots of different pictures!
But for now...you'll have to be satisfied with this kind of phone and laptop camera quality.
Anyways, we wanted to try something new with my sis and my boyfriend so we turned ourselves  into Powerpuff girls to try out the anime eyes look. Pretty good right? Not to mention the looks of people and betting if it is makeup or just a plain paper across the eyes.

As for my hair...I cut it off and changed a bit my color. You can see the ''hair difference'' between the upper photo and the new one. I was quite schoked with the length (but I had to cut it off) and not to mention my hairdresser went a bit too pinkish this time. But I like everything that's unusual...it's in the anime spirit...AGAIN.

So what are your thought about the anime Powerpuff girls look and the new hairstyle? Let me know your preferences and thoughts!
Take care and have lots of fun!