28 Mar 2012

Lush, you did it again...I'm disappointed

Don't know if this happened to anyone else but I regularly encounter on unprofessional staff in my local Lush. They always suggest me wrong products, they NEVER give any samples to try out and yesterday they demonstrated their unprofessional side again.
I'm a loyal customer for years and I can clearly see the difference between Lush outside of my country and the Lush from Slovenia. I mean....c'mon!  Whenever I go to the nearest Lush in Austria, I'm always treated like I should be and they give me each time really generous samples. I just don't know what's the deal with not giving samples and being a bit selfish here....that's not the Lush's policy I remember.

 Yesterday I brought to my local Lush store 5 clean black pots to trade it with a FREE FACE MASK. And what do I get? 2 TINY SAMPLES of the actual face mask...
I was in such shock that I couldn't even speak. I even thought I miss understood the concept of returning the black pots and accepted the fact. But after some research on the beauty blogs I realized the 2 lovely shop assistants were almost making fun of me....giving those 2 samples as a replacement.
I know this just isn't right so I already contacted the Lush Customer service to let them know about the unprofessional behaviour here in Slovenia. I'd rather be without Lush in Slovenia than to see all the rubbish they do. It just isn't right to fool people with this mis concept.
I've learned my lesson and from now on I'm only buying Lush things abroad.

* HOWEVER, Lush Slovenia did apologize after I did some action on Facebook and let me know we can all go back and choose a full size face mask (I guess they did the same mistake with others). But I'm not sure if I'm willing to step in there again.*

Any similar experience in your local Lush store? Would love to hear your opinion and maybe they'll do something about it in the future :)
Lots of love,