12 Apr 2012

Katy Perry inspired make-up look

I just love Katy Perry and everything that's on her, including make-up. So I searched for some of her looks and tried to copy one of them. If I got close to the main idea....it's your turn to judge. 

I mainly used some new products from Beauty UK I wanted to try out...including:
- Beauty UK palette 3(Glitz)
- Beauty UK lipstick - In the buff & Barry M 147
- BH crease brush
I also added some other extra products such as false eyelashes, glitter dust and others.

Like it? The full false eyelashes are still a pain to apply for me...but I'm slowly learning to deal with them. You can clearly see some ''false'' application on the right eye.
Single eyelashes are the way to go...in my opinion.