23 Apr 2012

Searching for cheap false eyelashes?

So did I....all the time. I just don't see the point in buying some expensive eyelashes if I'll wear them once or maybe even twice. Ardell lashes or Eylure seems really promising but they are really expensive out here. After I got an offer from KK Center HK to try out some eyelashes with a really affordable price, I couldn't resist. The company really has a lovely variety of false lashes, including Revlon, Ardell etc.

These ES Handmade Glamour eyelashes (comes with 10 pairs!) are a good value for the money and the quantity you get. They are meant to make your eyes bigger so they are full-on noticeable false lashes. They are perfect for night outs, proms or whenever you need that extra attention to your eyes. I personally wear them on a special night out or use them on my clients, who need a prom make-up look.

The eyelashes themselves are pretty stiff and handmade. They do need a bit of stretching with the fingers (all the lashes need to be loosen a bit) but what I like about them is the transparent stem, which means the lashes won't be so obvious at the roots. My only complain is the stiffness of them as I am only a beginner at applying full eyelashes. Indeed, it's quite difficult to use them on yourself so I mainly use them as half-lashes on myself (cut them on different pieces). As for the application on others...it's much easier so I'm confident with applying them full on my clients. I'm using them with DUO adhesive which makes them stay on for the entire day or night (downside: the glue doesn't want to stay on the stem for long so you have to be careful).

And yes, I was brave enough to wear them on my previous Katy Perry make-up look. They did turn out quite nice right?

All in all...they are quite nice eyelashes for the small price but they aren't the best for beginners with false eyelashes. They are currently sold out so that means something too, right?
 You can buy them HERE and they have worldwide shipping.
RATING: 3 out of 5 (if only I was an expert at applying eyelashes!)

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  1. These sound great because they are so cheap, I'm not a big false eyelash wearer so I don't think I'd be able to apply them well, but they do look interesting :)


  2. I feel exactly the same as you - why would i want to pay a load of money for something there's no way i'll wear more than three times?! These look fab I'll definitely have a look xxx

  3. Are they A562 ES lashes? I agree that they aren't the easiest lashes to apply. I like Ardell much better, but not the price.

    You should check out Madame Madeline! I haven't received my order yet but I ordered many Red Cherry lashes for only $1.99 each pair! And I heard they are very good quality.

    1. yes they are!:) oh thank you for suggestion, I was searching for some sites with US popular false lashes.

    2. I got my order 2 days ago! Red Cherry lashes are awesome, much easier to apply than the lashes we got from KKcenter! :)

  4. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    This post is great! :) I am obsessed with lashes!!
    Have you entered my giveaway? It ends soon!!

  5. The lashes look so pretty. I love your eye makeup. ♥

  6. i have never used false eyelashes i wanna try

    1. don't be scared, try it but start with some more expensive ones :)

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