11 Apr 2012

Swap package all the way from Hawaii

A few months ago a sweet girl named Kris contacted me and asked me if I'm willing to do a small makeup swap. We began to know each other and I can honestly say we've become quite good friends. After we got to know and trust each other...we extended our primary plan a little bit. If you're wondering...I got her some Sleek and Barry M she wanted. So here is what I got in the mail. No need to tell you it was impossible to take good pictures as I was shaking out of excitement. If you haven't done a swap yet...you need to do it! But of course with the right person. I'm really lucky that I found 3 girls I can always trust and talk any time: Charlene, Hailey and Kris

I love everything Kris got me (thank you thank you thank you ♥) and I hope she will love all the products I sent her.


  1. Oh my god, make up can move aside - that Reese's Cup looks amazing!! x

  2. I love this post - I really wanna do a swap thing :)



  3. I'm currently getting stuff together for a swap with someone in the US and it is so much fun putting the box together! We have a budget and it is sooo hard to not go crazy and buy loads of stuff to send! x

  4. dear.. how do you do swapping?

    1. It's actually easy when you find a person through blog, makeupgeek site etc. then you set a price range and talk...get the stuff and send it off:)


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