13 May 2012

Products I've been loving recently ♥

These past few weeks were hectic thanks to school and some major school work for finishing the faculty year. However I did have time to put some effort to my daily make-up routine and to all other beauty routines.
I've been LOVING my first steps in my unknown area- FAKE TANNING. I was always pasty and really fair in this time of year (early spring, beginning of summer) and I gradually sun tanned during the end of the summer. But that's over for me! I began my first serious attempt with Dove Sunshine (medium-dark) lotion and St.Moriz tanning mitt to be streak free. They actually work wonders together thanks to the actual mitt! I'm quite evenly tanned (as much as a beginner can be) and I'm not too orangey after 2 applications (my body did went 2-3 shades darker). Would definitely recommend this for beginners but I'm already waiting to try out some other cheap tanning lotions such as St.Moriz tanning lotion. Any other recommendations?

Thanks to fake tanning I can now FINALLY use my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which is in the lightest shade (and was still too dark for my normal fair complexion). This is just amazing sheer coverage foundation. To match my body and face I've been faithfully using NYC Sunny bronzer which is a lovely matte non-orangey color. To top off my new spring look I mostly reached for MAC Tenderling blush which blends nicely with the actual bronzer. It's a neutral-warm color with a slight mauve undertone.

As for the eyes and lips...I've been reaching for some lovely matte neutrals from Catrice Grey's Philosophy (and my fav brow color) and Bring me frosted cake(dupe for Mac Blanc Type). Seriously must have eyeshadows! When I've been craving color,especially PASTELS, I've been using Revlon quad in Wildflower. Even the Too faced Shadow insurance surprised me with it's texture as being a Urban Decay user in the past. When I was too lazy for any wild eyeshadow looks I've been reaching for Covergirl Spellbound lipstick which is a pink with blue,purple undertones, BRIGHT BRIGHT color.

I normally don't burn any candles in the spring or summer but I gave a chance to Yankee candle Pink Sands which smells really fresh and a bit fruity like watermelon, never being too overpowering or getting me sick. I would never pick this up only because of the name but I was lucky enough that my sister treated me. As for jewelery: rose gold necklaces and bracelets all the way!

What's your recent discovery you love?


  1. i love love love that lipstick colour x

  2. lovely post :) We want a picture of your new tan ;))

  3. Oooh, ta verižica na zadnji slikici! <3 Od kod pa je če smem vprašat? :)

  4. I would love to try the Chanel foundation, it sounds great! :) I also love that star necklace! It's gorgeous!


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