27 Jun 2012

Essence Snow white- Evil queen manicure

I've got a LOT of RESPECT for all you nail polish bloggers!
Taking pictures of my nails was always a problem...especially when they aren't as good as I want them to be.
Not to mention my lack of precision - *looking at you right hand*
But I try my best so please excuse my amateur application.
Grumpy is my favorite out of the bunch...and I wouldn't notice it...until I saw swatches.
I also played with Snow white nail stickers and my nails never looked so freakin' bright and kind of...EVILish?

Base coat: OPI Nail Envy Matte  nail strengthener
Top coat: OPI Chip Skip topcoat (should I say liquid?)
And of course Essence Grumpy with ONLY 1 layer and nail stickers.

AHHH...I just LOVE the Evil Queen...if only there were more of them in the bunch.
 The dwarfs overtook the whole sheet so I'm kind of dissapointed.
AGAIN...excuse my right hand application.


  1. I love your nails, the shade of blue is gorgeous! I love the addition of the stickers :)


  2. Jaz sem še verdno na lovu za celo Snow White kolekcijo :) Je pa Grumpy večini najbolj priljubljen :)

    1. boš našla...vsepovsod se pojavljajo. je pa grumpy res najbolj zaželen glede na to da vedno manjka na vseh stojalih.

  3. Grumpy je pravi lepotec in všeč so mi tvoji nohti! Definitivno bi nam jih morala pokazati večkrat. Ne vem kaj te moti pri aplikaciji ampak en mali trik- jaz si ščistim prostor med nohtom in obnohtno kožico z essence čopičem za eyeliner in nastane popouna črta, super pogrutavščina! ;)

  4. hey there!

    i have been looking all over for this polish for my girlfriend (grumpy). it the last one she needs to complete her snow white collection. i would be willing to offer you a generous amount for it.


    1. I can sell it off if you want, just send me an email :)


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