16 Jul 2012

Benefit Box Powders - Swatches and Review

Benefit is definitely one of my favorite brands by far. It secretly stole my heart without even noticing...but when you do, it's already too late. You want more and more! 
*Looking especially at you, box o'powders!* 
However, I was lucky enough to get 2 of my blushes from a lovely Australian girl since I promised they would get a good home.
2 of them are really old versions but that doesn't bother me.
I even like the older packaging more than the Bella Bamba one!

I'm in love with their design, cute packaging and product itself. 
Not to mention they look really cute stuck together in my blush collection.
They do need good storage and they're not perfect for on-the-go since they're cardboard.
However, when you try one...you just can't stop lusting for more. 

They all come with cute brushes which are in fact really handy. 
I don't know why sooo many people complain about them and don't use them?!
Brushes are super soft and lovely to apply blush and highlighter.

Dandelion: light warm pink with a slight hint of gold shimmer
Coralista: Medium pink with coral undertone and sheen
Bella Bamba: Strong reddish-watermelon pink with sheen and golden glitters
Same order as above:

I use all 3 as a blush since Dandelion isn't any less pigmented as the other two.
Again...Dandelion would be great for blushing cheeks if you're under NC25. 
Honestly I can't imagine it to be used as an all-over powder even on darker complexions.
The powder is finely milled and it's easy to apply and blend.
I just struggle with Bella Bamba...it's a bit chalky and a bit too pigmented for my skin tone.

L to R: Benefit Coralista, Dandelion, Bella bamba

 They are all really flattering but Bella bamba and Coralista can enhance skin issues. 
All in all I'm really happy with all of them and I couldn't decide for one between them.
However, Bella Bamba is extremely close to Nars Orgasm and you honestly don't need both.

Dandelion: If you're fair, you like matte blushes, you like a sweet-innocent look, like layering blush
Coralista: If you have warm complexion, like a slight sheen, love pink-coral blushes
Bella Bamba: If you're a bit darker, you LOVE shimmers and a lot of sheen, like well pigmented blushes

I'm already lusting after Benefit One hot minute and Hervana blush.
What's your favorite Benefit blush?


  1. Great review:) I have dandelion and hoola and love them both! Want to try bella bamba out:)

  2. oh stop it, i guess i've to go and get my first benefit blush ^^

    1. try on Makeupalley or on blog sales..the prices are always almost half down...if you're not a germ-phobe :)

  3. Nimam še nobenega, ampak je Coralista že dolho na WL.! Super post, zdaj si jih želim še bolj ;)

    1. pogooglaj par blog sale-ov...vedno vidim same Coraliste za smešne cene :)

    2. Hvala za nasvet! bom poskusla ;)

  4. I love this blushes! They're beautiful! I really want to get Bella Bamba :) x



  5. they look gorgeous :)
    I've never used benefit boxes before but really like the look of Bella Bamba xx

    1. you're perfect for bella bamba since you're a bit more tan :)

  6. I've only got sugarbomb but I love it! Really think I need to add dandelion to my ever growing wishlist


  7. coralista is the most beautiful of the three blushes you shown.

    I think the powder of catrice is more buildable. you ee a diffirence between using this powder after the foundation or not.

    you have a beautiful Blog too :))

    Lovely greats.

  8. Totally agree, the packaging is what does it for me too!
    I have Hervana, but these look like lovely colours :)


    1. I want Hervana only cuz' of the packaging hehe :) seems like a nice concept but I have way too many matte blushes.

  9. I have and love all three, but I agree that Bella Bamba is too pigmented for light skin tones. I always apply it with a duo fiber brush like MAC's 187 and a light hand. That seems to help with not ending up looking like a clown!

    1. oh thank you for your advice...I almost forgot all about stippling brushes :)

  10. These seem to be all the rave on every beauty blogs out there, I can't even pick a favorite!

    BTW, did you know you had captchas on?

    1. Thank you for noticing. I didn't realize, hope I solved the problem with captchas,they really annoy me :)

  11. Coralista looks gorgeous on you! Benefit blushes have to be my favourite. I want to collect them all so far I have 4 and want that Dandelion one, looks lovely!



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