25 Jul 2012

Best and Worst: ESSENCE

Essence is one of the cheapest drugstore brands in Europe (and started to pop out in US,Canada) but that doesn't mean their products are bad quality. 
I love almost the majority but there's still some exceptions.

They are the best and the price is almost insane.
The brushes are great and the formula is not too thick or too thin.
However the Limited edition ones can slightly differ. 
Essence Studio nails (better than gel nails) TOP SEALER is a really nice topcoat if you're looking for a cheap alternative.
 Works really well with other brands of basecoat (my is OPI Nail Envy base) since my nail color lasts up to 3-5 days.

Their lipglosses can be slightly overpowering with glitters.
But I like the fact that they also included non-glittery glosses from the Stay with me line.
Glosses are not sticky, smell divine(especially the Nude line) and have an unusual applicator.
The color range is okay but I miss more wild colors.
Stay with me lipglosses are well pigmented so they give a really nice tint to your lips.

I also like Essence souffle and pencil eyeshadows but they usually come out with Limited editions. 
I'm particulary amazed by Ballerina eye souffle-AMAZING color pay off + better than the NYX Milk eye pencil.
It doesn't budge without a primer but I usually use it as a base for powder eyeshadows.
For their eye pencils...they are not pigmented as NYX eye pencils but they do enhance the color of the powder eyeshadow. 
But they do need a good primer.

 From their range of eyeliners and concealers I especially like the Stay all day concealer and Liquid ink waterproof eyeliner. 
Stay all day covers really well and gives a light-medium coverage.
Staying power isn't so good on my skin and it does disappear after couple of hours.
Liquid ink has a really precise thin brush which is easy to work with.
It doesn't budge after it dries up but it's not fully waterproof if you're a cry baby.
Currently it's my favorite liquid eyeliner and it began slowly to replace my beloved gel liners.

You should definitely try out their EYE brushes.
I especially love the eyeliner brush which is thin enough for precise application.
Smokey eyes brush is also really good for outer corners or blending. 
They are both super soft but still enough sturdy.

The eyeshadows can be a hit or a miss.
From the regular line I only like Party all night with metallic effect and nice color pay off.
You can also find well pigmented eyeshadows in their LE lines but the same as the regular line- hit or a miss. 
I actually like the 50's girls duo which includes also a mirror.
I highly suggest to try testers before you buy any of them.

I was really dissapointed with their gel eyeliners, lash&brow gel mascara and their I love rock eye pencil.
Lash&brow gel mascara did nothing for my eyebrows- just clumping them together.
Gel eyeliner is too thin for my taste and I have to re-apply it several times.
I love rock eye pencil is really creamy but it's a pain in the ass to sharpen it- not to mention it hurts when you apply it to the waterline!
What's your opinion on Essence brand? Is it a hit or a miss?