3 Jul 2012

NEW: Pastel lilac hair and a kitty

After visiting a professional hair-care shop I decided to make a slight change with my hair color.
I've done it all by myself and with help of my dear sister....
and changed it to PASTEL LILAC!
It's not that big of a difference since you already know I like my hair silver.
But still quite schoking for me when I look in the mirror.
Pastel hair seems to be quite known trend in Spring and Summer.

I had some major problems with yellow tones recently so the semi-permanent color didn't show up on my hair as it could.
I used well known Directions Semi permanent hair color in LILAC.
I applied it twice (1.day for 15min, 2.day for 35min) and mix it with loads of conditioner (1/3).
Not to mention my hair was feeling SOFT, SOFT, SOFT and fluuufeeh.
We'll see how it's keeping up through several washes.
I'm already waiting for my second bottle of SILVER and I'll let you know how that goes.
By the way, you can totally get Directions colors on Ebay for less than 9$.
I'm already eyeing LAVENDER (slightly warmer pink-purple) for my next attempt and VIOLET (you can save up loads of money and need the tiniest bit).

Let me introduce you to our new family member!
He's the cutest kitty in my eyes!
We always find some space for homeless cats and try to spoil them as much as we can.
He seems to be the most loving kitty we have ever had. Since day one he's really attached to human contact and he loves our black cat and dog. 

Lots of love and fun,