28 Jul 2012

Recent purchases: Kitty,Disney Tops + where to buy

I usually don't like to make posts about my personal clothing style 
but since I got some really interesting T-shirts....
I want to show you some alternatives and shops where to get interesting tops. 
 I'm often wear causal black,navy trousers or jeans since I'm not big fan of skirts.
My daily clothing style is nothing special but I do tend to find some interesting printed shirts to make some statement time to time.
First of all-Galaxy Royal Cat.
You have to love it if you're a  true cat lover. 
And the galaxy printed tops are really IN this season.
I love the colors in the front (polyester) and the black backside (usual cotton) of the top is sheer
You can't really go wrong with the size since it's universal for men&women(S-L) and it's a loose fit or a mini dress.
I did wash it one time and it still looks exactly the same.
Found it on Ebay for 19,50$ with free shipping HERE.

Another polyester and cotton back T-shirt. 
The motive is super cute and unusual - All Snow white characters with cat heads!
It's universal really loose fit from S-L but it can be worn by those with XL. 
The colors don't wash off but there are minor color mistakes.
Found it on Ebay for 19,90$ with free shipping HERE.
Both are actually really good quality for the money!
They are actually really comfortable to wear during hot summer as the seller claims.

This sheer polkadot top was found in Pull&Bear for 25€.
It's a lovely stand-out top with Peter-pan collar.
I usually wore it with the black or navy tank top since it's quite sheer.
Did I mention it's photographed backwards? 
Nice button detail is on the back and almost everyone ask me if I'm wearing it backwards.

 I recently got this spiked top from the new Stradivarius collection for 20€.
It's a loose top with spikes on the shoulders and was actually the 2nd last piece.
Although it's super cute wearing it, I'm a bit concerned about the spikes- they are glued on.
Maybe it's a better choice to buy spikes and create your own top.

I always find cute tops at IMPERICON.
It's actually an online store with band T-shirts and brands like Drop dead, Iron fist...
 I feel in love with this cute kitty and again-Peter pan collar.
However, Drop dead is a bit pricey - 29€ for a single top. 
Keep in mind their tops are really long and nice quality.
You can get several kitty tops- MINE, POCKET KITTY, KITTY DRESS

 Finally, Evil Queen from Snow white.
Another random purchase from Italy.
There were loads of Disney characters and nothing stood out for me.
I was even joking I will only get myself Evil Queen- and there she was!

As you can already see- I'm in love with kitties, Disney and Peter pan collars.
But they're quite hard to find in local stores.
What's your personal style?


  1. Ful mi je všeč majčka iz Stradija in Evil queen :) meni osebno so všeč edgy stvari, ne preveč cute in girly :) oz mešanica obojega zna dobro izpast :)
    If I make sense :P
    Še kakšen tak post! ;)

    xo Deja
    -Deja Zu-

    1. Uuu imama podoben stil ;) ampak zadnje čase zapostavljam edgy stvari.

  2. I love the kitten tee with the peter pan collar, it's so cute and the snow white tee is pretty amazing too :) xx

  3. Ooo, majčke z mačkami! Hočem :D

  4. Juj, tista iz Stradivariusa (spikes) in Evil Queen so zakon <3

  5. CUTEEE!! I love them! Next time get some photos of you wearing them so we can see what they look like on!

  6. joj kok luškane majčke:) vse bi mela:P

  7. stunning!that's so fashion!!CHIC CHIC


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