27 Aug 2012

New hair color- AGAIN

Not long ago I posted pictures with my new homemade pastel violet hair HERE.
However, my roots were already peaking out (MAJOR ROOTS)
so I had to re-do my blond hair at the hair dresser.

I didn't stick to my usual ashy-blue color 
but decided to try out a pink based blond and some caffee cool toned dark strands.
Dark strands were placed only in the front and on the lower hair.

I quite like the result but I'm still shocked since I'm used to pure white color.
I like the new color for fall but thank god it will wash off after a few weeks.
I'm already planning to dye my hair with Directions Carnation pink to get pastel pink color.

What's your opinion? Super white blond or a bit darker in the Fall?