18 Aug 2012

''Wanna be'' freelance makeup artist

Since I'm really interested in make-up I had quite a few ''customers'' to try out different looks.
I already done some make-up for graduates and other special occasions.
Sadly enough, my camera always fails me....but not this time!
Today I had a special privilege to do makeup on my two cousins since they went on a special wedding.

They both have amazing skin so I tried to enhance their glow and youthful skin with Becca Shimmering skin perfector.
I stick to more neutral tones (thank god for Mac Patina
and plumy-purple (Mac Vex,Trax performed amazingly) on the other.

I always take the things I think I would need and I ALWAYS end up with a bit of a mess.
Weirdly enough....I really enjoy browsing through my stash and organize them in it's place at home.

Lots of love,