27 Sept 2012

MAC eyeshadow collection and dupes

Since I've changed and sell millions of Mac eyeshadows that didn't suit me or didn't impress me,
here are some of the final ones that will stay permanently in my collection.
 Keep in mind I'm really pale and leaning towards cooler tones!

 UNBASIC WHITE (LE) - white shimmery color, great for inner corners 
VEX- antique silver with pink and green hue, amazing all over the lid 
OMEGA- matte cool light brown, great for blending and brows 
NYLON- yellow based shimmery white, highly shimmery for inner corners and brow bone 
RETROSPECK- rustic green-yellow cool gold, lovely all over the lid (not too orangey) 
TRAX- medium violet with golden glitters, really unique shade on the lid 
RICEPAPER- yellow champagne with slight sheen, lovely for darker complexions 
PATINA- antique medium brown with rose gold hue, one word: MY FAVORITE 
SKETCH- deep warm purple, wearable as a liner and outer V  
HEPCAT- reddish purple/pink with blue sheen, to add a bit of color

L to R: Unbasic white (LE), Nylon, Ricepaper

L to R: Vex, Retrospeck, Patina
L to R: Omega, Trax, Sketch, Hepcat

♥ Vex 
♥ Trax
  ♥ Retrospeck 

 All in all they are great shadows but other than my favs I wouldn't repurchase.
I already got rid of Satin taupe, Sable, Shale, Expensive Pink, Gleam, Blackberry,All that glitters...
They just didn't work out for me or there's plenty of DUPES.

Mac Nylon- MUA eyeshadow 1- Wet n wild Comfort zone palette
Wet n wild shade is definitely a bit more yellow toned and warmer.
MUA eyeshadow 1 is practically a 100% dupe.
Up to down: Wet n wild Comfort zone, Mac Nylon, MUA 1
Mac Patina- Catrice Oh,it's toffeful!
Both have a similar rose gold hue but Catrice is 2-3 shades lighter and with slightly less sheen.
Up to down: Oh,it's toffeful, Mac Patina
 Mac Sketch & Trax- Catrice Plum up the jam
Catrice looks really similar in the pan with Trax but it has less golden sparkles (golden sheen didn't show up on the pic) and it's way cooler and darker.
However, a nice cheap alternative between Sketch and Trax.
Up to down: Plum up the jam, Trax, Sketch
Mac Omega- Urban Decay Naked- Sleek Au naturel palette
Mac Omega is way pigmented and cooler than the two dupes.
However the closest one is UD Naked with more warm tones.
Up to down: UD Naked, Mac Omega, Au naturel Capuccino
Mac All that glitters- Wet n wild Comfort zone palette
Mac Gleam- Wet n wild Greed palette
Mac Satin Taupe- Catrice My first copperware party
You can read about this comparison HERE.

Do you have any recommendations for me?
I'm searching for one more Mac eyeshadow to completely fill up my Z-palette.


  1. Nylon is a gorgeous shade. I never noticed it before! x

  2. Two of your favourites are two of mine: Vex and Patina. Yes, I'm a pale girl too :)

  3. nylon,ricepaper,wex,omega look gorgeous

  4. What a great collection and fab colours!!!
    Hepcat is gorgeous. Xx

  5. Great dupes! Patina looks gorgeous although I wouldn't be sure how to use Hepcat x

  6. Love the look of Retrospeck & Patina, so pretty especially together :-)

  7. This post made me want to buy Retrospeck! xx

  8. I love all those MAC shades! I've seen Sketch everywhere and it looks so gorgeous. good dupes too! xx

  9. What is the dupe for patina, retrospeck and rice paper?

  10. What is the dupe for patina, retrospeck and rice paper?

  11. the ones you own are so pretty!

  12. Thank you for this lovely post. I hope you don't mind that I referenced this post in a post on my blog about catrice dupes.

    1. No, not at all! I'm happy to see references and finding new blogs like yours :)

  13. Really pretty colours! I don't have any MAC product yet... so expensive and there are so many good alternatives. But I really like the colours Patina and Trax♥

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