25 Sept 2012

MASSIVE Asian nail polish haul

That's right- this post will be overflowing with nail polishes.
As you may know I'm not the biggest fan of nail polishes...
but when it comes to glitters and toppers I'm ALL IN!

Me and my friend Dolores from Colorful Bottle decided to order together  
some Asian nail polishes from The Cutest makeup store.

It's a blog store where you can order almost ANY ASIAN cosmetic brand.
The staff is super nice and they keep you updated until they ship your products.
They offer a discount on bigger orders.
And not to mention quite affordable shipping worldwide.

 All of my nail glitter toppers( left to right)
A'pieu Twinkle Nail touch EP02
Innisfree nail polish 108
Etude House My blooming nails PK002
Etude house LUCIDarling 03

Sprinkle effect nail polishes
Tony Moly GS09 
Etude House My blooming nails PBL601

Of course I couldn't resist It's skin Babyface Petit blusher in 01.
Say hello to my new petit friend and when they say petit, they really mean it.

The store was so kindly they even gave us free nail polishes.
I got Holika holika #06 and Innisfree #97.
The Innisfree flakies are just amazing in person.

Did I already mention they give free samples with each order?
Samples are a great way to discover new products you may like.
P.S. These samples were only MY HALF of samples.

And what are the pros and cons ordering from The Cutest makeup?
♥ Really friendly staff
♥ You know what's happening with your order
♥ Free samples
♥ Everything comes securely packed
♥ Shipping took only 2 weeks
♥ Lowest prices you can find online
♥ Products bought directly from the brands in Korea
♥ Shipping was only 10$ for 18 bottles!

- They may have some products out of stock
- Customs fees (it's directly from Korea)

You can order HERE or see how they pack,buy on their Facebook site HERE.

If you want to check out the rest of the nail polishes you can go on ColorfulBottle's blog
She will post them within a week or so.


  1. Etude house yayay! Ive been wanting to try their polish! The tony moly looks nice tooooo

  2. Aw no you dont have to silly! :P

  3. Ugh that blusher is so cute! And those colors.. omg I'm so glad I found this post!


  4. Heaven in a blogpost.



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