22 Nov 2012

Etude House Tangerine Cream blush + Preview Princess Etoinette

Etude House is one of the best known Korean brands.
If you want to start exploring Asian products, Etude House is the best first choice.
It has super pretty packaging and the products are just outstanding...especially nice on fair skin.
Miss Tangerine is/was a limited collection but it's still selling online and in stores (I believe).
I got mine a few months ago and I fell in love! 
Mine are in the colors #3 Miss berry (neon pink color) and 4# Miss grape (light purple).
They both look really dollish on the cheeks although Miss grape can be used as a highlighter.
The packaging is quite convenient and simple. The tube has similar applicator as a lipgloss.
The texture is quite unusual-mousse like.
It's really easy to blend and the pigmentation is outstanding.
Not to mention the lasting power for the entire day - leaves a bit of a stain.
 *I can already see how I'll have to scrub my hand to get rid of the swatches.*
The finished look is really natural but yet it dries up in a....powder/stain form?
The easiest application is with fingers- it's too thick for a brush.
L to R: #4 Miss grape, #3 Miss berry
 I can see why I like Miss Grape so much- it's really similar to my current lilac hair color (Directions Violet).

Overall, they're worth checking out and for the price (8-10$ including FREE shipping worldwide) you just can't get wrong. There are 4 colors in the range- pink,grape, light peach, neon peach.

Rating: B
Where to buy? I got mine on Ebay from HERE.

Did I mention the NEW Holiday collection? It's called Princess Etoinette and it's AMAZING.
I want those lippies and heart highlighter soooo badly!
*from Etude House site*