15 Nov 2012

FOTD and a new hobby (for all nail polish freaks)

Lately, my life has been really hectic. 
I'm getting more and more responsibilites since it's my last year of psychology and the degree.
Having my regular lessons and trying to study as much as I can.
Not to mention I have to do my major practice and got a really hard exam in my way.
Anyone else in the same position?
However I did manage to take a quick photo of my current foundation routine.
(Gosh, my hand looks enormous, lol)
And since I'm so busy I had to find another hobby- really smart Sara!
I was inspired by THIS BLOG POST (it's in German but you can get the idea from those beautiful pictures) and started doing my own nail polish rings.
I ordered some cabochons and ring bases...and here's the result!
 These are only one style of rings but you can get various other shapes (lace ovals, squares, teardrops...)
Many of you already make their own jewelry so who am I to give you a lesson, right?
If you have any questions where to get all the ''equipment'' just let me know.