5 Nov 2012

Mini haul: Catrice SpectaculART LE collection

I stumbled across new Catrice collection called SpectaculART.
At first I fell in love with their lipsticks but unfortunately they turn out to be really sheer.
However I did find individual lashes which are always useful and a really pretty antique green eyeshadow.

 Lashes turned out to be really long but the lenght seems just slightly different between them (since they claim there are 3 different lenghts). They are not real human hair but pretty good quality for 4€.
 You also get a small lash glue tube. 
I really like the packaging- really convenient and safe to travel with.

I was amazed by the eyeshadows!
Their texture is buttery smooth and really pigmented even without wet application.
Finish is quite metallic and the color C01 So precious reminds on khaki-olive green with golden sheen.
 I'm in love with the design and would definitely pick up the rest if I could still find them.
However the price is a bit higher oppose to regular Catrice shadows- about 4€.
Did anything caught your eye?
Definitely recommend checking out their Pure chrome eyeshadows- especially So precious.
Hoping to see them in the regular line next year!