11 Nov 2012

We all love Lush Snow fairy

I know Christmas time is near when I see Snow fairy on Lush display.
Snow fairy has such a yummy smell that I can't resist it every year.
Medium bottles always last me up to a year and when I use them up I'm already looking forward to get a new one. Fortunately I got some Lush gift cards for my birthday back in August and I already knew I want to get Snow fairy on the end of the year.

SCENT: yummy cotton candy with bubblegum
PRICE: SMALL (100g) bottle-6€
MEDIUM (250g) bottle-12€
LARGE (500g) bottle-17€
So basically you can save some money if you buy bigger bottles- I'm kind of mad I didn't pick out the large one now!
DOWNSIDE: Glitters- they don't seem to move from the bottom.
I had this issue with every Snow fairy but if you're patient enough you can get them out with turning the bottle upside down (however some will tightly stick to the bottom).

P.S. Christmas Ponche shower gel also smells AMAZING- fruity sweet smell!
What's your favorite Lush product?