17 Dec 2012

Tarte Amazonian clay blushes review

Many of you wanted to hear my opinion on Tarte Foursome Blush Set.
Let me start with the most general thought- these are THE BEST
The price is ridiculously high (25$ each) but if you grab the Foursome set you're definitely getting some hardcore pigmented blushes (35$ for 4 mini blushes = 1 for less than 10$) for less.

Now...there's no difference between my regular size Tarte Exposed blush and these 4 minis.
The quality is the same- super pigmented yet really easy to blend.
Due to amazonian clay they stay put for the entire day (great for oily skin too).
They are buttery soft and not looking too powdery on the skin.
I even like them better than my Nars blushes, seriously.

Tarte Exposed (regular line, 25$) is a nude-beige-pink (dirty rose) color with matte finish.
Super easy to apply and goes with any look you can imagine.
You can definitely still see the imprint- loads of product used but still no dent.
One of my top 5 blushes of ALL TIME.
Blush can be popped out and placed in a magnetic palette.

Stellar (Foursome set) is a glittery bronze color with warm undertones.
Really pigmented and easy to blend.
Just a regular bronze shade but not perfect for contouring due to glitters.

Angelic (Foursome set) is a highlighter with yellow-champagne base and rose gold shimmer.
It's more yellow-based highlighter but still works perfectly on fair skin.
It's not too pigmented- you have to scrape it with a highlight brush to get full glowing cheeks.

Fantastic (Foursome set) is a bright matte neon pink.
This one is especially buttery and soft.
Just a standard pink on the cheeks.

Magic (Foursome set) is my favorite!
 I thought I would love Fantastic more but this color just knocks your socks off.
It'a a bright coral-red shade with matte finish?! I can't even describe it.
Makes your cheeks super healthy and warmly flushed.
I'm not a big fan of red blushes- but this one is magical.
L to R: Fantastic, Magic, Stellar, Angelic, Exposed

Well...I found one perfect dupe in my collection.
It's Tarte Fantastic and Nars Gaiety.
Nars Gaiety is slightly lighter and whiter.
Upper finger: Fantastic, lower: Nars Gaiety

Should you get them? Go and run as fast as you can for them.
 These mini blushes can be found on Ebay for international buyers for about 14$ a piece HERE.
You only desperately need Magic and maybe Angelic (highlighter fans).
But if you find the entire set- get it, it's a bargain of your blush lifetime.
You can find Tarte Exposed on Ebay too- HERE.


  1. These look amazing. I've always wanted to try a tarte blusher. so pretty. Magic is beautiful.

    Great post xx

  2. Glad you loved it!!! The Magical is a great color on you!!

  3. I love Fantastic and Magic. Fantastic more because I have loads of corals. Great swatches! x

  4. Oh my god! I'm literally drooling at all the blog reviews of the Tarte Christmas set! >__< The pinks/corals are right up my alley. :D

    1. I know right? Try to find an US swap friend ;)

  5. Lovely review and swatches, very helpful, thank you!

  6. Fantastic in Magic sta mi sploh všeč :) Ful so lepi blusherji, hvala za swatche in review.

  7. Ooo I really like the highlighter shade!

    bonjourluce.blogspot.com x

  8. Great Review sara. Amazing stuffs xx


  9. They look great. And I love all of the shades.


  10. I really want to try a Tarte blush, they have so good reviews! Sadly they are so hard to get here in Spain! :(


    1. I know :/ It's really hard to get them.
      You can order it here if you want: http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/makeup--face--blush--tarte-amazonian-clay-long-wear-blush.html

  11. EXPOSED is my favorite!!! :) Love your collection!

    The Misty Mom

  12. Thank you for doing this review! I'm definitely gonna need to check out Angel, I'm a highlighter junkie who can never quite seem to find my HG :)

    If you have time, I'd love for you to check out my blog because I admire yours a lot!

    xo Abbey


  13. These are on my list to purchase!


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