28 Jan 2013

Essence LE Hugs&Kisses and upcoming Giveaway

I was super excited to spot Hugs&Kisses collection from Essence.
It's filled with cute products and luckily it is avaliable in every drugstore (speaking for DM, Tuš).
However I couldn't find the red nail polishes from this range although the stand was full.
Oh well...I'm not a red fan anyway.

First things I picked up were of course cute glitter toppers.
01 MORE THAN WORDS - green/rose/pink/orange glitters with different sizes in a transparent base.
02 DREAMS FOR SALE - multi colored glitters with different sizes in a milky transparent base.
03 CRAZY IN LOVE - different sized purple glitters and multicolored hearts.
They are all super cute and remind me of Asian nail toppers- super glittery and playful.
They stay quite a long period on my nails (over a random choosen color) without topcoat.
02, 01, 03
with flash

Lip scrub was just a pleasant addition- an vaseline based scrub with extra fine particles.
Smells like artificial fruits and tastes like nothing.
I had several Lush lip scrubs and they all dissapointed me but this one is really effective at scrubing.
Plus the jar comes in handy when you use it up.

Lip tint 01 Sugar Baby Love is a NEON pink (like those flourescent pink pens) in person.
This one actually surprised me- super easy to apply and stains with a hot pink color for entire day.
Most of the Essence lip tints I tried were horrible (pointing at you mrs. Class of 2013 LE).

Glitter eyeliner 02 Love's out to get you is almost comparable to my beloved Etude House Tear eye liner (review here).
Has multi-dimensional fine glitters and it's great to brighten up the eye look anytime.
I always pick up white eyeliners from Essence- cheap but effective.

02 Love's out to get you eyeliner, 01 Sugar Baby Love lip tint

I also got 2 glitter toppers for you guys- for my upcoming Giveaway including Catrice and Essence.
You can also let me know if you want more of products from Hugs&Kisses line in a Giveaway.

Lots of hugs and kisses!