8 Feb 2013

Mail love, Darling girl cosmetics and update

This week I was surprised by Hailey (blog HERE) with her adorable package.
She managed to snap a Topshop highlighter Crescent moon upon my request.
Not to mention added generous amount of Soap& Glory products.
I didn't try any of the Soap& Glory body products until now- thank you soo much, Hailey!

Even my cat got really curious and excited seeing new stuff so I let her play with some bits and baggies.
Cats can go mad with bags!
On the other hand- I became a Glamour girl for Darling girl cosmetics!
I'm in a great team of really friendly girls and the amazing store owner Susan.
Can't wait to share my first thoughts on products - you can find them HERE or HERE
As much as I seen til now- Susan is amazing at making duochromes eyeshadows!
Darling girl will re-open up this week or so.

It's that time of the year when we celebrate a Slovenian tradition similar to Halloween.
You can transform in anything you want. I'm already have an idea but won't tell what- you'll see for yourself in my next post.
I got some requests to do make-up for others as well- will be a busy Saturday!
So please just bare with me and my blog- I'm also having tons of exams.
Will be finally back on the end of February and do a big Giveaway!