21 Feb 2013

Makeup and skincare empties #2

After some long period of trying to use up my hit-pan makeup products I finally managed to scrape out the last bits to do a proper makeup empties post. Of course I had to thrown in some skincare as well but avoided shower things- it would overflow my room too much.
What's worth repurchasing?
Revlon Photoready foundation
It's nice dewy sheer-medium foundation with almost unvisible particles. Nothing majorly promising but not bad either.
Repurchase: If it's on offer
Revlon Colorstay foundation
Full coverage, matte finish and hard to blend out. Definitely worth to be patient at blending- can look cakey if not blended or used too much.
Repurchase: YES
Bath&Body works Skulls hand sanitizer
Great little mini travel buddy- use them all the time. This particular smells like fresh apples.
Repurchase: YES but different scents

Urban Decay Primer potion
Great primer for my oily eyelids- but found a cheaper version Etude House Proof 10 eye primer.
Repurchase: MAYBE
Too faced Shadow insurance
This one went bad just too quickly and the eyeshadow still creased on me.
Repurchase: NO
Physician's formula Felt tip liner
Standard felt tip liner- dried up too quickly, color looked too greenish, couldn't use it over eyeshadows.
Repurchase: NO
Maybelline Gel eyeliner
My favorite gel liner with one mistake- dries up a bit too quickly but lasted me up to a year. The brush with it is extraordinary for lips and eyeliner. It's not avaliable in Slovenia.
Repurchase: YES (if I could)
Essence Get big lashes waterproof mascara
My favorite mascara so far! Excellent at holding the curl, super cheap, volumising and lenghtening. The only 2 things that bother me: dries up really quickly (1-2 months) and removes in clumps/pieces.
Repurchase: DEFINITELY

Manhattan Shimmering Pearlmutt highlighter
An oldie but a goodie.This one lasted me AGES (got sick of it and looks yuuuck) and can be comparable to Jemma Kid All over radiance creme. Has a similar mousse-y texture and blends nicely but there's so much more highlighters on the market these days.
Repurchase: NO

Hawaiian Tropic lipgloss- Island berry
This sucker lasted me over 2 years! Smells yummy, not sticky and gives nice glossy finish. However, it tastes horrible and can slip easily around your mouth. But great for summer since it has SPF.
Repurchase: NO
Labello Fruity shine lip balm- Pomegranate
Smells like real pomegranate, gives out a lot of red color and it's moisturizing. This buddy didn't get enough love so it went bad before I had the chance to use it all up.
Repurchase: MAYBE
ELF Conditioning lip balm
Crappy, slippery lip balm with artifical smell.
Repurchase: NO
Blistex Lip relief cream
Helps every time. Cools down, leaves a white cast and smells minty. Always a necessity for winter.
Repurchase: YES
ELF Luscious liquid lipstick
The crappiest lipgloss I ever had and totally un-hygenic.
Repurchase: NO
Isadora Jelly Kiss shine lipstick- Coral punch
My favorite lipstick is gone! I think I'm going to cry. Amazing jelly formula, vibrant pink color and lovely magnet packaging- A+!
Repurchase: YES (when I use up some more lipsticks)
17 lipstick- Beehive
This one totally surprised me with empty bullet- such an effortless nice color (MAC Hue dupe) and glossy finish. The packaging is rubbish though.
Repurchase: YES (if I could)

L'occitane Amande pomme concentrate
Discountinued cream with smell of the Almond shower oil. It's a nice cream but not worth the money.
Repurchase: NO
Lush Imperialis face creme
Soothing, lightweight creme with hydrating properties for mixed skin. Also discountinued.
Repurchase: NO
Bebe Sensitive skin cream
Ordinary face cream, nothing special for the low price. Didn't break me out.
Repurchase: MAYBE
Decleor Harmonie calm cream
Quite thick consistency, really moisturizing but again- at higher price range nothing special.
Repurchase: NO
Afrodita AHA for dry skin cream
One of my favorite creme for night time. It has fruit acids so it can sting a little bit at first. I did noticed smoother skin, less pigmented freckles and glowing skin. I'm afraid it can be bought only at saloons.
Repurchase: YES (already on my 2nd container)
The Body shop Carrot creme
Another discountinued product- dissapointed with the texture and smell. Did nothing for my skin.
Repurchase: NO

Bourjois Micellar cleansing water
Amazing, cheaper DUPE for Bioderma micellar water- just as good, cleanses waterproof mascara and doesn't sting the eyes. Already on my 4th bottle!
Repurchase: DEFINITELY 
Bourjois Express eye makeup remover
Oppose to micellar water- this is horrible. The bottle is too big to mix the remover, spills everywhere, unpleasant on the skin.
Repurchase: NO
Afrodita AHA foam
I loved this lightweight foam as a prep for my AHA cream. You can get similar foams at the drugstore. I think this also caused an allergic reaction (my 2nd bottle) on my face- so no go.
Repurchase: NO

Asian sheet masks
All of these were great! I love the cooling effect, plumped skin and the handy wear of these. However I would only repurchase My beauty diary masks- especially Black pearl sheet mask.
Repurchase: ONLY My beauty diary

L'occitane Bergamote body milky mist
This mist was actually really moisturizing and handy when you don't want to bother with lotions!
Repurchase: MAYBE
Dove Slik glow body lotion
Gives a golden sheen to your skin but nothing amazing. I'd rather stick to my Nuxe shimmer dry oil.
Repurchase: NO
La Sultane de Saba body lotion- Turkish delight
This was a gift from my best friend (from Italy). The most luxurious body lotion I have ever tried! No stickines, hassle to wait to sink in. Smelled like sweet delights but after an hour it turned into a flowery scent. Perfection!
Repurchase: YES (If I could)

How do you use up your make-up?
I find using up my make-up quite a hassle but it's worth at the end.