21 Mar 2013

1st experience with Indie make up: Darling Girl

I'm in LOVE.
Since the first order - there's no way back to regular make up routine.
My first experience with Darling Girl just blew me away.
Regular (and expensive) eye shadows and blushes seem plain comparing them to DG.
Susan (owner) of the DG- welcomed me to their group of amazing Glamour girls (check HERE).
All girls are super friendly and artistic- highly suggest to check out their blogs too.
My order went straight ahead to the shiny, duochrome shades- Darling Girl masters duochromes!

Susan suggested me Tin Man - a silvery shade with strong green flash and pink shimmers.
I wish I could capture this beauty- shimmers and glitters are not camera friendly ( try it yourself! ). 
I was so intrigued by this shade I even took time to photograph my look with it - I can be preeeeety lazy about that. 
I'm already on my 2nd order and can't get enough of their eyeshadows and blushes.
Did I mention I'm also wearing Darling Girl Blushing Heart blush - wine pink with golden specks. 
Blush stayed on me the entire day - CRAZY! 
I experienced that only with Tarte.

From my heart- I warmly suggest you to check out Indie brands.
I was always underestimating them cuz' of the look and loose pigments.
Boy, I was wrong. Their make-up quality is even better than majority of high-end brands.
There's no manipulation- you're just paying for good quality products made with heart and amazing prices.
Darling Girl has every week Color of the Week (COTW) chosen by Glamour Girls and 20% off that shade.
You can check Darling Girl HERE and say hello to sweet Susan!
Bloggers can also get a We Love Blogger pack (for 1$) HERE with 4 sample baggies and a lip color!