14 Mar 2013

Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oils - Huile Prodigieuse (OR) Review

These aren't ordinary oils. They are so much better in many ways.

Dry oil sinks into the skin much faster and leaves your skin soft but not greasy in any way. 
They sink in quite quickly and still managable to put over foundation since they don't left a residue
Skin looks much more glowy. However you must understand these are oils and not serums.

I usually use them over night before cream or mix them with day creams. 
If I have a ''flaky skin day'' I put shimmer oil all over my face for a dewy look.

 In the bottle smells like sweet sunflower oil but on skin developes into a really fresh, floral and a bit almondy scent.

You can easily use it on the hair as a treatment-mask, for split ends, for the face, hands, cuticles and entire body. It's also nice for stretch marks and other skin issues due to dryness.

They are 98,8% natural so most of the ingredients are good. Includes 6 different oils and vitamin E.

Difference Huile Prodigieuse - Huile Prodigieuse OR
OR has shimmers which aren't too obvious on the skin. They look terrifying in the bottle but I can assure they look perfectly fine on my pale skin. They give golden glow but not orangey as in the bottle. I like to use it on my face too- but beware if you won't wear foundation.
 I may prefer OR with shimmer even more than the original one. It's so versatile and gives such a pretty glow in the summer- great for legs, YAY. It has a bit less natural ingredients which is understandable due to shimmers- 95,9%. I find them both equally moisturizing- OR has only bonus: golden shimmers.

Sinks in really fast
Moisturizes skin really good
Gives glow (especially the OR)
Cute bottles
Price is okay
Takes a long time to use up

 In OR version shimmers can stay in the bottle - mix it up every time
OR version is more expensive
Only 100ml have a pump

Normal version: 50 ml - 18€   100 ml- 31€
OR (with shimmers): 50 ml- 25€   100 ml- 40€
You can find them in pharmacies and online on Feel Unique(worldwide shipping) and Nuxe UK.

Overall Rating: A
What's your favorite added bonus to your skincare?


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  5. ova ulja su divna,samo sam ih jednom probala u trgovačkom centru kad je bila promocija ali su mi i na wish listi

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  7. I have never used oil before but these really sound promising! I might give it a try if it's available in my country for a reasonable price. Would love to try the shimmer version especially for summer :)
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  8. Oooh I use a kind of dry oil for my hair after I get out of the shower and before I blow dry. My hair always feels super healthy when I use it. :)

  9. I would like to try the second one with shimmers :))
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  10. I tried the sample of the first one and I loved it. But it's quite expensive :(


  11. Great event! I like your nuxe pictures..

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