18 Mar 2013

*Updated* Spring BLOG SALE

Since I always start Spring cleaning and getting rid of stuff I don't use - I thought I do the same with make-up. 
All these products are super nice but I just don't use them anymore- I already have too much.
Plus I've got on a Indie make-up kick so I totally forgot about my usual shadows and blushes.


Leave me a comment or email me at passing.fancy2@yahoo.com for further information.

Only accept PAYPAL payments.
*Slovenian readers can pay through local banks.

All payments must be gifted through Paypal.

It's INTERNATIONAL blog sale- shipping will be from 4-7$, depending on the amount.

Prices are fair but I'm willing to haggle - please be reasonable.

I wrap everything in bubble wrap and make it secure as possible. I also ship with confirmation.

I'm not responsible for lost packages.

 MAC EYESHADOWS (from L to R):
Hepcat- used 6x-
Unbasic white (LE)-slight dent- 6$
Expensive pink- used 5x-
Omega- slight dent- 7$
Retrospeck- used 3x-7$

*not pictured* (pics upon request)
MAC 217 brush- used but always cleaned with Brush Guard- 20$

It girl palette (with Kitten)- as shown- 6$
Stila Cloud pan- used 6x

 NYC Sunny bronzer- used
Milani blush Luminoso - used quite a bit- 3$
Stila cream blush Gladiola- used 7x- 5$

Thanks for looking!