24 Apr 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks (EU)

Maybelline surprised me again with a bunch of new Whisper shades.
I'm not totally sure what's going on with the packaging though - same as US but without Whisper sign. 
It might be only my drugstore or I grabbed them too early and don't have the stickers on?
Anyway I was excited to see these 3 colors on 3 for 2 offer (with other new Maybelline products)!
These are on offer since they were a part of Phillips Fashion Week in Slovenia.

Yes, I'm still writing with the left excitement when I first saw them but I believe they're quite a nice new breath in our old fashioned drugstores.
The principle is simple- moisturising balm/lipstick/gloss kind of product you see branching out in every brand.
 I believe Bourjois will brought out similar products in Summer. Revlon and L'oreal are already in the first position.
Color pay-off is medium with glossy finish. 
Definitely not opaque as regular lipstick but enough to see the color.
Feels like nothing on the lips (some of my lip balms fell heavier) and lasts about 2-4 hours.
They don't leave a specific stain but you can still see a bit of a hue.

 I got 3 colors that were on offer - out of about 10 colors available.
If I'm honest to myself I didn't really need these colors but you know the drill.
I found close dupes in my collection.

Coral Ambition (430) caught my eye instantly- it's a bright pastel peachy color (less orange than on pics).
It's similar to Etude House OR204 but less pinkier and more sheer.

Pink Possibilities (130) is a punch warm pink.
Really close to Mac Viva Glam Nicki but more sheer and less neon.

Oh La Lilac (210) is a baby pink with lavender hue.
Close to Isadora Jelly Kiss Lilac Tulle but more bright and lighter.

Honestly, these are great products for about 9€ if you don't own any similar L'oreal/Revlon colors.
They do feel a lot lighter on the lips but with similar color family.
It's a great alternative to these kind of hybrids.
PROS: light formula, great color range, pigmentation, slim packaging
CONS: product size, price, longevity
Rating: B-