2 Apr 2013

Fyrinnae Haul, Review and Swatches

My first order from indie brand and came the last one.
I've heared so much good stuff about Fyrinnae I had to try out due to their low prices and praises.
However I was a bit dissapointed with Customer service.

I choose 3 Mini size loose eyeshadows (2,25$) and Trial size of Pixie Epoxy (2$).
I also got a free sample size of Callipygian which was a nice touch.
I choose Mephisto, Alchemist's Curse and Shenanigans.
Shipping was really affordable (around 3$) but they raise prices recently due to higher shipping costs in US.

The magic happens when you see these shadows in person - they are sparkly as sh*t.
It's just too hard to capture it's real beauty- that's when the flash comes in play.
From top shade in clockwise rotation: Alchemist's Curse, Callipygian, Shenanigans, Mephisto.

I love each and one of them and Pixie Epoxy is great for glitters too.

Small downfall: Customer service
Well...my package took about 3 months. I understand international shipping is always a pain and unpredictable. So I contacted their Customer service after 2 months and asked about it. I got a response after 2 weeks : ''Have you received your replacement parcel yet?'' They didn't reply afterwards I answered. I understand packages can get lost but they could at least say sorry or get ''more in touch'' if you know what I mean. At least I know I would!
Luckily it came today, yaaaay!

L to R swatched over Pixie Epoxy : Mephisto, Alchemist's Curse

L to R lower shades: Shenanigans, Callipygian

Would I buy again from Fyrinnae?
Probably not. There's loads of indie brands out there and I can't stand being uncertain.
Their store (HERE) is also a bit hectic so I suggest to check out blogger swatches first. 
Highly suggest you to check out Darling Girl, Geek Chic and Femme Fatale (free shipping on samples) with same shifty, sparkly goodies but with more personality in my opinion.

* Just don't take this personal- I love all the shades but my contact with them was a bit loose. *

What's your experience with Fyrinnae?


  1. Js sm enkrat naročala pri njih pa nisem mela nobenih problemov. Isto je blo nazadnje z MUA, sm čakala 5 tednov,da sm paket dobila, prej nobenih problemov, še v petih dnevih sem dobila z vikendom vmes.
    Ful si lepe barve zbrala pa Pixie Epoxy je res top za glitter pa pigmente. :)

  2. I bought from them a while back. I feel that the colors are nice, but a bit pricey for such a small size. I guess Fyrinnae is a buy it to try it kind of thing. They told me it would take a month to get my package, but I got in three days. Weirdness

  3. Agree, not fast shipping
    The products are beautiful
    But I also think there are many more other indie brands to try!
    In addition to what you recommend (I will check those out after my spending ban!),
    I also suggest you try Shirocosmetics
    I love their make up too



    1. thank you for suggesting. Shiro looks amazing, love the color that you picked!

  4. Joj vedno kažeš takšne lepe senčke, moram že enkrat kaj naročit :)

  5. This colours look bloody gorgeous! It's a shame about the shipping and contact though, things like that put me right off a company but at least you finally got them! :)


  6. waw kolk maš fajn blog! šele zdj sm ga našla!! krasne fotke, supeer =)


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