2 Apr 2013

March Favorites 2013

First one is definitely Guerlain Aqua Allegoria- Lys Soleia.
OMG - this smells DIVINE!
Smells like honey (and I hate real honey), vanilla, musk, woods, lilies.
It's my absolute favourite perfume at the moment- and guess what?
It went on offer as soon as I notice it (bee packaging drew my attention) from 51€ to 35€.
How crazy is that? Now I have 2 bottles with 75ml from myself and my boyfriend.
I just hope it won't be discontinued since these Aqua Allegoria's change every summer.

Pixi Flawless Beauty powder N.1 Fair is light enough for my skin.
I use it to set my foundation and for powder foundation with kabuki brush.
It's not cakey and blends seamlessly. Just don't use it with the sponge.

Artdeco Illuminating Baked Powder looks amazing in the pan and also on the skin.
This little guy was pretty expensive (thank you sis!) but worth every penny after trying it.
Gives a nice daytime highlight and it will last me ages since it's baked.
Reminds me on MAC Lightscapade only prettier with gorgeous veining. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metallic Pomegranate surprised me with it's longetivity.
I wore this on it's own and it stayed on my greasy eyes quite well

Catrice Gel liner 050 has a lovely texture oppose to Essence gel liners (HATE).
I was surprised how well did the golden specks transfer on my eyes.
Golden shimmer is definitely visible and gives a nice touch to eyes.

Becca Beach tint in Dragonfruit- OMG. 
You're seriously missing out if you didn't try out this baby.
I'm impressed- stays on cheeks and lips all day, smells like dragonfruit and it gives a natural look.
It's not greasy, it's not cakey, it's not drying- PERFECT !
The color is just brilliant- poppy warm pink.

Badger Cocoa lip balm -Vanilla Bean smells just like vanilla and chocolate combined together.
I could smell this lipbalm for the entire day. And tastes awesome too.
Not to mention natural ingredients and soothed lips.

My favorite powder blush of the month- Darling Girl Neon Trees (HERE).
I will just say- amazing NEON peachy-pink with slight shimmers.
Stays on all day- nothing can really compare to it.

Darling Girl Tin Man (HERE) is a lovely brightening silver with green flash.
I also did a look and review HERE.

Geek Chic eyeshadow in Antequarian (on offer HERE)  is a lovely glowing copper with golden sparkles.
I got tons of compliments wearing this over Maybelline Metallic Pomegrante- really brings out the warmth.
The cuteness of their collections is awesome- gotta' catch them all!

with flash
For accessorises I've been religiously wearing Bunny ears on a hair tie or hair band. So if you see anywhere a girl with funny ears that's probably me. You can get them for really cheap on Ebay (4 hair bands for 1$- CRAZY).

That's all for previous month.
Do you have any suggestions for products?
Oh wait....I decided to do a 100 Spending Ban since I'm planning to travel in Summer.
Silly me!
Let me know if you want to see a proper review of any of these items.


  1. like geek cheek , the shadows shades look nice and love the monster on it

  2. Geek chic senčka izgleda čudovito!<3 pa Becca rdečilo in Catrice liner :) joj pa še kar nisem preizkusila Badger balzama :(

  3. Note parfuma delujejo izjemno mamljivo. Kje se ga pa da dobiti za takšno ceno?

    1. V Mullerju je blo zdej več kot 2 tedna- definitivno vsaj sprobaj :)

  4. ArtDecojev Illuminating powder sem že parkrat gledala v Müllerju, res je lep :) Pa tale gel liner od Catrice moram pogledat, sem bila prepričana da se bleščic sploh ne bo videlo, kot ponavadi...

  5. Wow! You got lys soleria at such a great bargain price. I've been trying to find it everywhere where I live but it has already been discontinued. Good thing you got a backup bottle.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that :( Maybe that's way they were lowered. I'm sure you'll find something similar (maybe new Honey from Marc Jacobs?) :)


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