1 Apr 2013

Missha Art Designing Pore Cover Balm

Pores and acne were never an issue for me.
Just recently I started to notice pores when I applied BB creams.
Is it the BB cream fault or is it me? 
I know....it's hard to admit I'm getting old.
So I went on a journey to find a perfect silicone pore balm.
I think Missha have done a pretty good job with their  Art Designing Pore Cover Balm.

The packaging is super cute with multidimensional design.
Pore Cover balm comes in a small light rose container with a small spatula.
The texture is quite waxy and colorless- Silicone helps to blend pores, wrinkles, dry patches.
It also helps control oils if you have oily skin.
If you hate heavy textures and silicone that this little guy isn't for you.
Usage: The tiniest amount just around my T-zone.
Easily melts like cocount butter and covers pores and fine lines quite nicely.
You're left with a perfect base for your foundation. 

I would love to show you results- but it's less visible on my freckled skin and I hate close-ups.
Has a hint of clean and floral smell.

PROS: Conceales pores/wrinkles/dry patches, oil control, controls moisture balance, improves elasticity
CONS: Heavy texture, quite pricey, extra step in face routine
Conclusion: It's a nice pore primer for your T-zone and quite affordable. It will last you for months but keep in mind to wash it off throughly at least 2x times.
Rating: B-

You can get it on Ebay for around 12$ HERE
Do you have any other pore primer recommendations?


  1. pretty color ^^


  2. i know i can benefit from a pore minimising base, especially around my cheek where my pores are bit larger. however i am usually too lazy for that extra step... and most i tried are slightly heavy feeling.
    :) i just pretend i don't notice my pores now, or cover them up with a better powder....


    1. Yeah, I was all over these type of primers-now I'm getting lazy again on daily basis :D Do you know any good asian powder for pores?

  3. I love the way you layout out your reviews. So easy to read and follow and love the rating at the end :) Primers never seem to work for me, don't know why.


    1. Thank you dear! As I said- love your new style of posts too :)

  4. HM! I had a little trial of the Too Faced pore primer and I notice the smoothness after applying. I'm trying BB Cream again, instead of Missha's Perfect Cover I'm trying Missha's Complete Signature. Supposedly the reason I broke out from the Perfect Cover was because my sensitive is reactive to mineral oils (never knew this!) and the Signature is suppose to be free of those ingredients. Maybe I'll try this with it sometime. :)

    1. Oh my, I didn't break out luckily. Do they have the lightest shade in Complete Signature too? <3

  5. OOhhh i love this and your blog!!

    soo springyy and all the glitter ahh!!! pretty please check out my look! xxx


  6. I'm always worried about using pore primer products, I hate when they wipe up all the moisture and leave the skin dry.

    I do like the sound of the this one though, sounds like it will moisturise as well as mop up the excess oil - thanks for sharing!

    Samuel James Morris

  7. Ne vem, če je to to, ampak jaz uporabljam tega od Clarins in je odličen!

    1. Sem ga že gledala pa mi je mogoče malo predrag :/

  8. Hi, can you take a pictue or make a video and show us that how its cover and affect to face please. thanks from now.

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