29 May 2013

DIY Perfume Display (Easy way) and Perfume Collection

Searching for a glass tray is not that easy.
I was searching for a mirrored glass for my perfumes for the longest time until my boyfriend got an amazing idea.
He saw my holographic paper and suggested to make my own perfume tray/display (or whatever).
So I was feeling kind of creative...

It's actually really simple- you only need:
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors/ Sharp art knife
  • Any kind of self-adhesive paper from art stores
  • Ruler (optional)  

1.You can see I already cut out a circle from the cardboard - you can use a pin and a string for it.
2. Measure the picked self-adhesive paper and cut it out a bit larger than the cardboard so you can ''seal the edges'' on the end.
3. Place the paper on the cardboard and start removing the protecting foil on only 1 edge.
4. Gradually remove the protecting foil from paper and slowly straighten the surface (to prevent any bumps and lines).
5. When you finish- cut up the edge so it can be ''tucked'' over the other side of the display.

Hope you find it helpful- I'm sorry for my small vocabulary around art/crafting work.
You should end up with a straight plate- I used fingers to slowly straighten any air bumps.
Once you stick your paper on the cardboard you can't really correct the mistakes.
However nobody will see them once it's covered with perfumes.
And if you choose pattern/hologram paper it's less obvious to see mistakes.

Do you have any DIY posts? 
I'm always on a hunt for fun ideas.