31 May 2013

L'occitane Vanille & Narcisse perfume - La Collection de Grasse

L'Occitane recently came out with new La Collection de Grasse.
Collection contains four perfumes with corresponding body lotions, soaps, shower gels.
New scents are Magnolia & Müre, Jasmin & Bergamot, Vert & Bigarade, Vanille & Narcisse.
I recently took a sniff of all scents where Vanille & Narcisse stood out for me the most.
Luckily my boyfriend always knows what's best and he surprised me for our anniversary.

I'm a big fan of sweet, fruity and warm/spicy scents but hate true floral scents (especially roses).
As the name suggests these perfumes are combined out of two prevailing notes.
In my case it's Vanille and Narcisse with

Top Notes: Black currant, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Narcissus, Gardenia
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla

In short I could describe this as a warm vanilla with oriental twist.
You can definitely smell vanilla and narcissus all the way with some balmy and aromatic notes.
Firstly the scent smells really universal- could be worn by men and women.
However it develops over time into an almost sickly sweet smell of vanilla (realistic not artificial in any way!).
If you don't like long lasting and powerful warm/oriental scents this isn't your cup of tea.
This stays on me for the entire day although it's Eau De Toilette.

If you're looking for warm and sweet scent look no more.
This one has all expectations I had for oriental/spicy scents.
I like it as much as my Guerlain Lys Soleia and reminds me of Lush scents with tonka and bergamot - can't point fingers which product though.
It's quite expensive at about 55€ but do consider you get 75ml which is a rare occasion for a longlasting perfume.
If you're still in doubt you can always get travel sizes for 10€ for all four scents.


  1. Hm anything with a hint of Vanilla grabs my attention! I will definitely look out for this :)

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  2. Ga že dolgo načrtujem it gledat, samo me kar malo moti ko se vse prodajalke zgrnejo nate in kar odlašam. Me zanima če je podoben njihovim starim vanilijam, ker tiste so bile božanske :) . Seveda so jih enostavno morali nehat prodajat.

    1. Me je kar na tebe spomnilo ko večkrat preberem da so ti bili prejšnji vonji všeč :) Narciso se drugače kar fajn zavoha ampak verjetno ti bo všeč!

  3. I have been really loving this brand lately…I might have to check this out, sounds delicious!!

  4. I guess that's one area whee we differ - I love rose and floral scents, haha. Most of the times I like when floral has a bit of a fruity side too. I think you would like another fragrance from Bath and Body Works. Dont know if they still carry it, but I can check it out. Seems like you wear more sophisticated scents while I stay super girly lol

  5. This sounds really good! We have a new L'occitane Store here in Koblenz but up to now I did not visit it... I have one hand cream of the company but it isn't really good for that it was so expensive and I don't use it. I just have to look for their perfumes I think... and I think 55€ is not too expensive for a good perfume.


  6. I love this collection, my favourite is the the vert! :)

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog Sara, your blog is really lovely ^^
    I used to love vanilla scents but now I only like it mixed with something else, though I think I would probably like this one if I could smell it : )
    What a great and attentive boyfriend you have, it's nice to be surprised with something you really want, no? Have a great day sweetie xx

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