29 May 2013

My Favorite Swarovski Earrings

Earrings: EMB11.1  EMB13.6   EMB10.6
If you follow me on Twitter you already know I'm in love with these Swarovski earrings.
I didn't expect much out of them- but the first pair surprised me so much that I wanted to try another 3 pairs from MontBleu (HERE).
 They have high quality Swarovski items, including nail files which I mentioned HERE. 
Shipping is matter of several days and Mont Bleu ships worldwide.

In fact I was so impressed that my mom stole the lavender pair (EMB11.1) and she can be pretty picky about her jewelery. I washed them several times with water and they didn't change color or got rusty.
They make my wardrobe look more ''sophisticated'' (such a fine word, lol) and they sparkle like no other, FOR REAL!
They are quite affordable at 8€ since they will last you (in perfect condition) for a long time.
MontBleu Swarovski jewelery will definitely be one of my favorite gifts to give for birthdays.
Let the pictures do the talk!
Crystal Stud Earrings EMB10.6 ( Find HERE)

Yellow Stud Earrings EMB13.6 ( Find HERE)

Austrian Crystal Earrings EMB11.6 ( Find HERE)

You can have a look at MontBleu jewelery section HERE.
Their bracelets also come in lovely packaging so those would be a great gift too.
From my heart I suggest you to browse their site- you'll definitely find something adorable.
But don't forget to check if you/others have ear pierced! :)


  1. I love the cube-shaped ones, so pretty!! :D

  2. I love the cubed pair! It reminds me of the mercury mystic topaz (I desperately want that gemstone!) I'm a sucker for gemstones. Just ordered rose quartz earrings and a rose quartz and aventurine ring to go with my dress for a wedding reception. It's great to see an out of the ordinary post! :) They def look sophisticated on you!

    1. You love gemstones? why didn't you tell me before? I could send you some, lol :D
      I've always wanted to go on a wedding...but nobody wants to marry >.<
      Thank you <3

    2. Tell your friends to get crackin then! I'm heading to Lancaster, PA (Alot of dutch ppl migrated here) for about 4 nights and I'm going back to a soap and bath shop. The Amish make everything from scratch and so good for you! They have soaps...bath salts, ointments. I'll pick some items up for you. :)

    3. amish? I watch them on some shows on TV. Sounds exciting <3
      I posted some new Bourjois collections with bronzers and cream blushes...need anything? :)

    4. Omg I dunoooo gotta check their site out lol

    5. Omg I dunoooo gotta check their site out lol

  3. I really love the yellow ones, so pretty and sparkly :) xx

  4. Ful lepo, drugi so mi najlepši. :) Pa lepo barvo las maš! :) x

  5. I the same square one, but it is broken :(

    1. Awww sorry to hear that. Maybe you should contact them - I'm sure they'll be happy to help you fix it or send you another pair.

    2. maybe they can fix it, have to see what they can do , thanks for the tip

  6. wow these are super cute i would love to have them anyway following you :) nice blog

  7. I adore your hair!

  8. earrings is the best, I often treat it as a gift. I like this post, great! http://www.arnon.co.uk/

  9. 耳环是最好的,我经常把它作为礼物。我喜欢这个岗位,太棒了!Bracelets sale
    swarovski crystal necklace


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