9 Jun 2013

Femme Fatale Eyeshadow Haul & Swatches

Femme Fatale quickly became one of my favourite eyeshadow brands.
All eyeshadows are highly opaque and so unique I couldn't even imagine them in my dreams.
It's a young indie Australian brand (opened in 2011) by creative Sophie and her partner.
They have a massive selection of different brands of nail polish with their own eyeshadows,nail polishes and face products.
We all know Australia has high shipping rates but Femme Fatale sends out eyeshadow/blush samples with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!
However they don't currently send nail polishes outside the Australia.
I have to be honest - I already have a new list for the rest of the shades and blushes.

Onto the SWATCHES:
  • Moonstone - half transparent white with blue sheen. Easily layered over darker/lighter colors.
  • Heroic - true gold with metallic finish.
  • Illusions - reddish brown with strong green & blue flash. Perfect dupe for Mac Club.
  • Mysticism- dark pink base with purple flash.
L to R: Moonstone, Heroic, Illusions, Mysticism
same order as above

  • Spearmint candy- Lavender pink with baby blue sheen. My absolute favourite<3
  • Phantasm- Lavender with orange shimmer.
  • Moonglow- Light blue with gold and orange shimmer.
L to R: Spearmint Candy, Phantasm, Moonglow
same order as above

  • Sun Crystal- half transparent white base with gold shimmer/sheen. Easily layered over dark/light colors.
  • Amber Eyes- Light warm peach with green sheen.
  • Sunfire- Reddish pink with strong gold flash. It more on the pink side in person.
L to R: Sun Crystal, Amber Eyes, Sunfire
same order as above

  • Haunt- medium purple with slight copper shimmer. In person is more sparkly and warm.
  • Desecretion- eggplant with strong green flash. Better than Mac Club.
  • The Dark One- black based blue & purple. Shimmers are visible in person.
L to R: Haunt, Desecretion, The Dark one
same order as above

  • Nightflash- Medium purple with strong copper flash. My favourite!
  • The Nightmare- blue base with green sheen.
  • Nexus- grey blue with strong pink flash.
  • Spirit Bond- Royal blue with gold and yellow shimmers. My favourite!
L to R: Nightflash, The Nightmare, Nexus, Spirit Bond
Spirit Bond
The Nightmare

All in all I'm super happy with these gorgeous shades and I HIGHLY recommend them.
My samples will last me up to 5-9 applications.
You can easily use darker shades as a liner, crease colors or for smokey eyes.
Samples are 1,10$, mini sizes (3g) are 3,10$ and full sizes (5g) are 5,85$.
You can check out Femme Fatale's clean and fresh website HERE.