9 Jun 2013

Femme Fatale Eyeshadow Haul & Swatches

Femme Fatale quickly became one of my favourite eyeshadow brands.
All eyeshadows are highly opaque and so unique I couldn't even imagine them in my dreams.
It's a young indie Australian brand (opened in 2011) by creative Sophie and her partner.
They have a massive selection of different brands of nail polish with their own eyeshadows,nail polishes and face products.
We all know Australia has high shipping rates but Femme Fatale sends out eyeshadow/blush samples with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!
However they don't currently send nail polishes outside the Australia.
I have to be honest - I already have a new list for the rest of the shades and blushes.

Onto the SWATCHES:
  • Moonstone - half transparent white with blue sheen. Easily layered over darker/lighter colors.
  • Heroic - true gold with metallic finish.
  • Illusions - reddish brown with strong green & blue flash. Perfect dupe for Mac Club.
  • Mysticism- dark pink base with purple flash.
L to R: Moonstone, Heroic, Illusions, Mysticism
same order as above

  • Spearmint candy- Lavender pink with baby blue sheen. My absolute favourite<3
  • Phantasm- Lavender with orange shimmer.
  • Moonglow- Light blue with gold and orange shimmer.
L to R: Spearmint Candy, Phantasm, Moonglow
same order as above

  • Sun Crystal- half transparent white base with gold shimmer/sheen. Easily layered over dark/light colors.
  • Amber Eyes- Light warm peach with green sheen.
  • Sunfire- Reddish pink with strong gold flash. It more on the pink side in person.
L to R: Sun Crystal, Amber Eyes, Sunfire
same order as above

  • Haunt- medium purple with slight copper shimmer. In person is more sparkly and warm.
  • Desecretion- eggplant with strong green flash. Better than Mac Club.
  • The Dark One- black based blue & purple. Shimmers are visible in person.
L to R: Haunt, Desecretion, The Dark one
same order as above

  • Nightflash- Medium purple with strong copper flash. My favourite!
  • The Nightmare- blue base with green sheen.
  • Nexus- grey blue with strong pink flash.
  • Spirit Bond- Royal blue with gold and yellow shimmers. My favourite!
L to R: Nightflash, The Nightmare, Nexus, Spirit Bond
Spirit Bond
The Nightmare

All in all I'm super happy with these gorgeous shades and I HIGHLY recommend them.
My samples will last me up to 5-9 applications.
You can easily use darker shades as a liner, crease colors or for smokey eyes.
Samples are 1,10$, mini sizes (3g) are 3,10$ and full sizes (5g) are 5,85$.
You can check out Femme Fatale's clean and fresh website HERE.


  1. Vau tole se sliši fantastično. Se pravi samo vzročke lahko naročiš, pa plačaš samo njih? Ali so še kakšni dodatni stroški? Mi je malo čudna ta njihova obrazlaga dostave...

    1. Če naročiš samo vzorčke pigmentov/rdečil (v vrečki) je poštnina zastonj. Če pa naročiš večje velikosti (mini, full size- ki so v lončkih) pa je treba poštnino plačat (okoli 6$-8$). Jaz ponavadi naročim raje več samplov in potem dam vse skupaj v en lonček :)

  2. OMG kok so pa pigmentirane! <3

  3. Oh wow these look incredible!!!! I've never heard of the brand before, but those shades are amazing xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  4. Koliko časa pa si čakala paket? Ful, ful, ful dobr zgledajo pigmenti!

    1. Uf...okoli 2 tedna obakrat, ampak je poslano z Air mail. Verjetno odvisno kakšno srečo imaš :)

  5. for me only these 2 Sun Crystal- Amber Eyes-

  6. WOW!!!!!! never heard of this brand before but what fantastic colours. love sunfire and mysticism. x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

  7. Oh my goodness! Spearmint Candy and Phantasm are soooo pretty, and Sunfire too! Absolurely stunning colours. <3

  8. Oooh my favorite has to be phantasm!! Btw i ot my order in from Darling Girl - love theeeeem :)

    1. Yaaaay :) I had no doubt you will love the shades since they are so....fairy like hehe :)

  9. Wow, kakšna pigmentacija!

  10. holy crap,now im going to have to purchase some from them!

  11. How do these compare to what you've tried by Darling Girl? Also, do they ship USPS or UPS/Fedex?

    1. They are the same quality & pigmentation :) One or two shades did apply a bit patchy but it's not visible on smaller surface. I don't know exactly but I think it's through Australian Air mail. I don't live in US so I couldn't tell :/

  12. My goodness, the pigmentation of these seems amazing! I've heard of this brand before but never paid much attention to it : / If only I didn't already had a million other eyeshadows I'd so get me some of these! Thanks a lot for the reivew Sara xx

  13. Looks a lot like Fyrinnae, i gotta try these <3

  14. No shipping fees??? That's frigging awesome.:D And the shadows are perfect, I love the strong pigmentation! Desecretion, Sunfire and Moonglow are definitely my favorite.:)

  15. Those are so pretty Sara! The pigmentation is amazing. May have to try these hehe xo

  16. Your swatches, wow! I can't believe how beautiful those colors are, I need to order some ASAP.

    Jordan | Boho Vanity


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