24 Jun 2013

Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder Review

 I got super excited when a local beauty store lowered all her products for 50%.
Unfortunately the store is closing - means even less variety for Slovenian readers.
So why not - I snapped a few of higher-end products including Guerlain Meteorites Compact powder.

If I'm honest I got this product purely because of their famous meteorites for glowy finish and the gorgeous packaging. Meteorites were sadly unavailable so I was satisfied with the compact version.
Keep in mind I have dry skin and I'm always on a hunt for powders that are far away from matte.

Coverage is light. It's a really unique texture- transparent yet it gives a bit of coverage. Those looking for high coverage powders won't be impressed. However I'm pretty happy with the slight coverage and transparency in one. It covers my freckles to the point they are still visible, yet smoother looking.

Illuminating and mattifying as it promises. It's not too flat looking on my dry skin, yet it blots away any shine in T-zone. Suitable for normal, dry and oily skin. I have to admit I'm really impressed with such an ability. In addition it hides all imperfections like enlarged pores, smaller acne and any dry bits. 

Goes on gorgeously with the puff and the brush. Puff gives more coverage and hides imperfections including pores. Brush application gives light dusting and transparency.

I got 01 Teint Rose which is the lightest shade with pink undertones. It's a perfect match for my really fair skin. People with light-medium skin tone could also use this since it's so versatile in finish.

Smells like typical Guerlain product - violets with powdery undertones. The scent is quite strong so you won't like it if you're sensitive to scents. I usually hate floral scents but this one makes me fell kind of happy?

Comes in a velvet pouch which is a first timer for me. The packaging is plastic and light - great for travelling. However it doesn't feel cheap at all. The included puff is okay but nothing extraordinary.

For a full price at about 55€ for 7g it is difficult to point out extreme differences. If you want to invest in a good powder that's illuminating and mattifying - GET IT. If you already love the normal meteorites and you need a travel version- GET IT. If you're searching for an illuminating, moisture-type powder you can easily get them from various Korean brands for fraction of the price. If you're lusting over any Guerlain powders just pick up the normal-ball meteorites since you get way much product and will last for decades.

I would buy it again for the fraction of the price. However I don't see myself picking it up for full price in the future. But it did make me curious about normal Meteorites - I would love to have a cute box of colorful pearls with such a great luminosity.

PROS: smell, texture, coverage, luxurious feeling of the packaging, easy application, non-powdery finish
CONS: expensive, small amount



  1. The packaging is gorgeous! And I've yet to hear about a compact powder that can suit ALL skin types, so this sounds like a great buy. :D

  2. The packaging of this is absolutely stunning!

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  3. I've always been interested in Guerlain because of the apparent quality, however I can never seem to bring myself to try! I always have the Meteorites on my wishlist, they are so pretty xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

    1. Ahhh I know...life of a beauty blogger :) Those colorful balls look so cute and fun!

  4. I've always wanted to try soomething Guerlain, but the prices are so ridiculous! I can understand why you bought it on sale, sounds like a bargain :)

  5. Aw the packaging is too pretty! Too bad it's light coverage, for that price I'd have expected something better : / Thanks for the review darling xx

  6. Great review! Don't think I'll find it in my country though.


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