31 Jul 2013

Quick and Easy Mermaid Hair

I've been freakin' obsessed with mermaids lately.
You can actually find my previous mermaid inspired make-up here.
Now I even decided to put some extra color in my hair.
I'm pretty sure this has something to do with my cravings over the sea this year.

I know...you expected some major difference since I'm mention mermaids so much.
I decided to do an easy ombre effect with a bright blue-turquoise.
This little pastel chalk (2,17$ here) made it happen. 
It's basically a standard hair chalk in 029 Helio turquoise.
How to use it? Wet your hair, apply it directly on the hair, blow dry to stabilise it.
It's super pigmented and appropriate for dark hair too.
It washes off with first shampooing so it's not a permanent change for those of you who are more formal.
It can stain blonde hair for an extra wash or two.
I didn't notice any staining of the clothes however don't risk with white clothing.

I got my hair chalk from Born Pretty Store for 2,17$ which is almost absurd.
You can also use a 10% off code: KGL91
This will last up for about 10-16 uses and it's available in huge amount of colors.
Rating? I have to say it's a pretty fun, nifty thing for Summer.
Born Pretty Store has also lots of amazing, affordable nail polishes- I'm already eyeing yogurt (HERE), feather (HERE) and holographic effect (HERE). They are pretty much a perfect dupe for higher end nail polishes.

Which color would you choose?