1 Sep 2013

Essie Fiji Nail Swatch

Majority of bloggers love Essie Fiji. I was determined to search for this particular shade in my local drugstore. Essie nail polishes have quite a hefty price so I managed to stay away from Fiji for a while. Luckily my sister is a memory machine for my wish list and she surprised me for my birthday.

Essie Fiji is a wonderful almost white nail polish with pink tint.
This nail polish makes hands and nails look really clean and polished.
Normally I don't really reach for neutral nail polishes but I found it gorgeous on other swatches.
For fully opaque look you need to apply 2-3 coats.
I personally always use just 2 coats and I'm satisfied with the final result.

I normally don't buy Essie for myself (not a huge nail fanatic) but I'm always happy to receive a bottle or two. If you like nail polishes, Essie is a must to try out.
Usually Essie nail polishes stay on my nails for about 3-5 days.
You can get Essie Fiji on every Essie counter, including Slovenia.