16 Sept 2013

Etude House & Rose - Flowering Eyes Palette

Etude House recent collections are killing me.
Most products I have to skip (and it breaks my heart) or they show consequences on my bank account.
Luckily Etude House is quite affordable even for international buyers.
I lost my breath for a moment when I saw the new Etude House & Rose Collection (check entire range here).
Collection is filled with cute products for fall including matte lipsticks, eyeliners, nail art and this particular palette.
Flowering Eyes palette just had to be mine.

I think this is the first Etude House palette with 10 eyeshadows.
I would call it a neutral palette with a twist.
The red and warm purple shade made me want it even more.
Pigmentation is similar to Sleek palettes- they are pigmented yet you need to work with them a bit more.
Matte and lighter shades are a bit chalky but nothing blending can't work out.

Texture is soft and slightly buttery - however there is a bit of fallout depending on the chosen color.
Comes with 2 sponge applicators and a big mirror which is a definite bonus.
As I said I really like the colors- fairly unique to European market.
A light peach, intense deep red and medium warm purple would look fantastic for this fall.
I even found some similar dupes for Mac - Omega and Sketch.
Palette contains 2 shimmers (S), 3 frosts (F) and 5 mattes (M).

Left to Right: Falling (S), Fade (M), Innocent (M), Delight (F), Pure (S)

Left to Right: Romance (F), Blossom (M), Petal (M), Gloomy (M), Poison (F)

My favourites are definitely Delight, Blossom, Gloomy and Poison.
My least favorite is definitely the frosty pink color- Romance.
I would suggest this palette just because of the darker shades.
This palette would be perfect for those of you who are willing to work with shadows and blend!  
You can get it here or here for about 24$.
Right now everyone is going crazy over this palette in Asia.
And I can see why- it's cute, affordable and has unique shades.


  1. I love this palette, the colors are amazing

  2. Adorable colours! Thankf for the post.

  3. Waaaa, huda paletka! Rdeča senčka je čist nora! :D

  4. joj Etude house ima tako ljubke stvari. Jaz že nekaj časa želim tiste lakce, ki so v obliki sladoleda :D

  5. that deep red is to die for!

  6. It's so pretty!! And indeed, the deep red Blossom is the prettiest of all the 10 shades. <3 Grrr... Etude House why do you keep releasing such pretty items so often?! >_<

    1. I know, hurts to see such wonderful collections all the time :D

  7. Zanimiva paleta, ampak Blossom je pa res krasna senčka. :)

  8. So rare to see a straight up red eyeshadow!! Great review ;)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  9. Wow the packaging is so beautiful, I would buy it just for that! Love the unique red, just wish I was brave enough to pull this off!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. Wow, amazing colors!!



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