22 Sep 2013

Illamasqua Lover & Hussy Blusher Duo

One of the most popular products from Illamasqua are definitely blushes.
In particular Hussy and Lover dominated the field and thanks to my boyfriend he knew exactly which colors to choose.
Illamasqua Blusher Duo comes with two different blush colors which are complimentary.
Texture and pigmentation is the same quality as with single blush colors.

The actual packaging is a bit bulky but comes with a mirror.  
Hussy is a wonderful warm toned pink that would suit almost any skintone. 
Lover is on the orange-peachy side. It's a light orange which can be also worn on fair skin.
Mixed together they create a perfect peachy-pink matte blusher.
Pigmentation is outstanding yet they are super soft to easily blend them out.
Longevity is actually great too - stays on the entire day.
These will probably last me my entire lifetime since I need only a tinge of each.
You can also see me wearing Hussy on my previous posts here and Lover here.

If you're eyeing both of these blushers you should check out the Duo since the price is a bit lower.
I also reviewed Illamasqua Katie blush here.
Blusher Duo are priced for 31€ and single blush is 22€.
You can get Illamasqua products on their official website here or at local Illamasqua stands.
I would highly suggest you to try out one of their blushes and you'll be smitten for life.
Illamasqua's soft and blendable texture is top notch!